Friday, October 22, 2010

Aidan's latest milestone.. :)

Yup, he is already 1 year, 1 month and 9 days old.. He is officially a boy now, but a 'baby' to mummy's eyes.. :) First child is always a baby to all mothers, sampailah the mummy got the second, the third, and bla bla bla, barulah the first born is treated like a real boy.. :) Right?

Being 1 year, 1 month and 9 days old, Aidan has been nothing but a great surprise.. He's like a present to me.. Everyday, i will unwrap this present of mine, and see what's 'inside'.. :) What surprise that awaits me.. This is Aidan.. Everyday, i will be surprised by his new achievements and his great progress.. And i feel blessed, each time he wants to show me what he can actually do, he sometimes smile while doing it, and if i pretend to look elsewhere, he sometimes make a sound, just to get my attention.. Hehehe.. Cute!

What Aidan can do now..:

1. Aidan can seat and stand on his own.. Sometimes he needs help, by holding onto something, but there are times, he just stands on his own.. :)

2. Aidan's attempt to walk is my great pride.. He is one determined boy, and each time he fell down, he would definitely be on his foot again, in no time.. :) And everytime mummy hold and assist him, walking, he sometimes made this sound.. 'tataa.. tataa.. tataa' which i think he was saying 'ta'tih'?? Hmmm.. That's why i love to send him to my sis house.. He learns a lot while playing with his cousins.. Yup, children do catch things faster through play and through their mates.. They are just like a copy machine, and it is good to see him well- blend with the rest.. :)

3. Aidan's all time fav, besides gadgets, is 'ball'.. And it is his fav word too.. Whenever mummy show him ball, and i say 'ball', Aidan would follow me, and say 'baaoo', which again, i think he was referring to the 'ball'.. Hehehe.. But seriously, if mummy let him play with his ball, he sometimes say it out loud 'baaoo'.. So, i guess, ball it is! :)

4. Daddy is one word that easily slipped from his mouth.. Oh no, not 'daddy'.. but simply 'daddd'.. Aidan called daddy, 'dad!' which is so cute.. :) When he wakes up, and see daddy beside him, he would crawl to daddy and simply panjat and tido atas daddy.. best friend daddy gak, Aidan ni.. :) Mummy?? Not really.. But 'maaaa maaaa maaaa' is like always, but mummy tak consider that he is actually calling for me.. Sebab bila Aidan tak buat apa2 pun, he sometimes made that 'maa.. maa' sound.. Hehehe..

5. Twinkle twinkle little star - his fingers would imitate my fingers.. doing the buka tutup buka tutup jari.. Hahaha..

6. His dance is improving.. Now, with foot stomping.. Cute giler.. He would crawl to the tv, and start stomping, clapping hands, and nope, body shaking not really now.. But the head banging thing is always on with my kicik.. :)

7. 'Nakkkk.. naaaa.. naaa..k' is another word that he loves to use, when mummy or daddy, is eating, and he feels like wanting it, ofcoz.. Hehehe.. But, if he REALLLLYYYY wants what you eat, the word 'nakkkk.. naaaa.. naaaa..k' is no longer heard, sebab the kicik, would just stare at your food, and stare some more, and then, sometimes, drool.. Hahaha.. Pity him.. :)

8. Aidan has a set of nursery rhymes and childrens songs that he loves the most.. And i am waiting for him to really can understand everything, or can speak, so that i could see him singing, dancing and act to what the songs say.. Our motto : Pray, Play, Sing, Dance, Love and Learn.. At least that's our motto for his playroom, and IsyaAllah, he would follow them, heartily. :)

That's about it.. If ada new progress yang mummy ingat, i will update here, as usual.. Hehehe.. :)
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