Friday, October 22, 2010

Cute photos are taken from the internet.. Cute giler.. :))

At least.. not just yet! Hahaha.. Entry on my child's weekly progress did leave some of my readers and fb friends a BIG Q's MARK!

To all my friends, readers, and my circle- of mom bloggers, I AM NOY YET CONFIRMED of my LOVE's gender.. Hahaha.. Even when i address he or she, as LOVE pun, some of my readers just pm me kat fb, asking me 'are you expecting a girl??'.. Hehehe.. My LOVE can be a boy or a girl, my dearest! :)

And the latest weekly progress of my baby in my tummy, the one i highlighted, is not saying that i am having a boy.. Hehehe.. Actually, i (hope?) i am having one.. As you can see, in my previous entry, i did mention about how awesome it would be if i can bring home a baby boy for me to call LOVE and SON, for daddy to call BOY, and for AIDAN to call 'YO,BRO!'.. Hahaha.. Yup, i want to bring back Aidan his own 'BFF/bro-friend-forever!'.. You know that i would do anything for Aidan, right?? :P

Well, a girl is great too.. Not that i am against it.. I was once hoping for a girl, but a girl would definitely be my best friend, and she would be a little bit soft, 'fragile' in a way, unlike boys who are a little bit aggresive, in a way.. BUT, i do believe, if Aidan has a baby girl- sister, he would definitely love her, proud of her, feels like protecting her, and whenever baby sister asked him to help with her small gardening spot, (the one mummy prepared for her, with roses seeds, tulips and 3 BIG colorful plastic fans/wind fans.. :)), Aidan would for sure be there, BUT.... just being an observer! Hahaha.. :)

InsyaAllah, i will get to know what gender my LOVE is in another 2 weeks.. Wish me luck.. :) Boy or Girl, You are my LOVE! Aidan toooooo.. DEFINITELY! :)

p/s: Congrats to my fellow blogger mom - Zaihan (
) for having a baby girl, yup, for her second child, and his first one (a son), Irish is actually the same age as Aidan, and believe it or not, they share the same birth date.. 13/09/09.. Sweet! Now she has a pair already.. Chewahhh! :P

Becoming mom (my fellow bloggers/ friends) :

- Baizura (
- Aiza (

Saper lagi.. saper lagi.. raise your hands, please.. :)

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