Monday, October 25, 2010

Aidan's Playland, and Super Power Hebat in the park.. :)

Mummy's project for Aidan's playroom dah hampir siap.. Alhamdulillah.. :) Although we still need to make sure it is safe for Aidan to atleast play alone in there.. Currently tak berapa comfortable to let him play alone sebab few things yang mungkin agak berbahaya for him, such as my-quite-slippery-carpet (which actually tak sesuai for kids room), penjuru meja tv yang agak tajam for him, and ofcoz mana2 lubang yang allow him to get to the electrical point.. Semua kena amik kira, but the rest yang major mummy dah sediakan, and still nak add this and that, such as more decorations (the one mummy said i'm gonna use hoop, tuh :) - tunggu next entry kay, i shall share this DIY project with you.. ) And you can actually decorate you kid's playroom with them too.. :)

Since mummy and daddy really determined to teach Aidan to be more independent, we decided to let him play in his room alone.. But with my risau mode, daddy did something brilliant, walaupun semakkan Aidan's playroom in a way.. Hehehe..

Aidan's Playland- Remember this project we shared earlier, skang mummy dah put up in Aidan's Playroom.. The centerpiece.. :)

Daddy's brilliant idea : Put all the mattress in there.. All? Yup, all.. Sampai ke dinding daddy covered.. Hahaha.. :P

Ayoyoyo.. Chaos tau.. Mummy garu2 kepala nak kemas balik.. Hahaha.. :P See the mattress kat dinding.. Huhuhu.. :P

Aidan enjoyed the room so much, and betul2 made a tour to setiap penjuru.. Now, he decided to rest a while and read.. :P

His learning and art corner.. We still need a table and chairs for him and his adik.. But since he is still small, we let the place as free as possible.. :)

One thing i would like to expose him to, is the use of words.. Like door, bathroom, and you can actually put them as part of the decorations.. Like switches at the switches point, lamp and etc.. Learn, at the same time, cute for decor.. :)

One manja boy.. :)

To make sure Aidan just able to watch the tv and not play with the player and what not, daddy hid them behind the pillow.. Hahaha.. Safety first, right? :)

Now, it is time for cartoon.. :) Aidan has his own cartoon time.. Not that we don't allow him to watch cartoons, but daddy decided to let him watch what we watch.. Hehehe.. Discovery channel ker, daddy? :P So, cartoon is once in a while or only on weekeneds.. Hmmmm.. Yer ker, daddy? :)
Aidan just love Mr Incredible.. :)

Superhero Hebat went for outing.. And he lovessss outing.. :) Mummy thought of bringing Aidan to the park last Friday, tapi hujan lebat.. Saturday, ada guests.. So, Sunday then.. Off we went to the park (dekat rumah jer, sebab takut hujan), and he had a blast there.. :) And yessss, Thanks Maktam for the ride.. Aidan sukerrrrrr.. :) Thanks also Wawa!

On the way to the park.. :)

Happy face.. :)


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