Monday, October 25, 2010

Thanks for coming Aunty Effa!

It was a nice Saturday evening, when my beloved, gorgeous chica came for a visit to our house.. Thanks for coming, Aunty Effa.. :) She came with her mother, and ofcoz the lovely Dania, Effa's one and only daughter, the love of her life, and the heiress to all her LV's.. Hahaha.. At least, that's what we always say about Dania, who is indeed lucky to have a mother, who is LV's VIP! :P

Aunty Effa and nenek.. :) And ooohhh, my kakak, Dania.. (aidan macam suka jer ngan Dania, he crawled and sit next to her.. Cute.. Dia dah tau ni, Dania pun kiddo lagi.. :)

Saturday also was the day we could stay in, do all the house chores, or to be lazy around, doing nothing or simply find new things to call 'new passion'.. and my latest passions are cooking and gardening! Hahaha.. believe it or not?? Yup, that morning, sempat visit a nursery, and i just love what i saw.. I love all the flowers, but, i think i am more into greens- which tak really berbunga, or the bunga is actually looks like the leaves, or simply pelik.. Hahaha.. I am still learning about trees and all okay?? Been planning to tanam sendiri, and sikit2 insyaAllah, dapat la cover our garden kat tepi tuh, hahahaha.. too big, no lah.. i am planning to find my own gardening spot, so that boleh cuba tanam this and that.. Who knows, pokok or even flowers menjadi kat belakang rumah i tuh.. Hahaha.. Ohhh, you know what? When my FIL and hubby potong rumput rumah i last 2 weeks, they came across tembikai, okay?? Hahaha.. Tanah yang subur, perhaps.. :)

Aidan's FUN time :) Mandi!!
So that he can do this.. :)
... and this.. :)
Sometimes, macam karaoke pun ada.. hahaha.. :)
Ofcoz, mummy or daddy akan ada close to him, observe the kicik.. :)

So, our Saturday tak really hectic, just nice for a family time.. :) Mummy in the kitchen and daddy with the kiddo, enjoyed each moment together as a family.. :)

Haaaa.. Dah try dah nasi ayam nyer recipe tuh.. Thanks and credit to tuan punya recipe.. :) Bukan apa, unlike other recipe, i go for this one sebab tak renyah, and simple lagi express, but yummy.. :)

p/s: Since we don't have maid, memang hari Sabtu is chores day, and Sunday baru boleh nak relax2 sket.. Pity Aidan, that's why once in a while kena gak buat outing, pity the kicik.. Weekdays mummy and daddy takder, weekend baru boleh spend time together.. :) Sian Dan Dan mummy.. :)

Oooohhh.. A BIG thanks to Aunty Zaihan for the gift.. Mummy dah dapat on Saturday, nasib baik sempat stopped the POS van, sebab diorang dah gerak nak balik dah.. Hahaha.. Thanks also to : Aunty Yani, and Aunty Pia.. Your gifts were great, and dah sampai kat rumah Opah.. Thanks.. :)

Love you Aunty Zaihan.. :)
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