Monday, October 11, 2010

The BEST gift ever.. :)

Thanks to my siblings for the LOVE.. :) This is the special gift that means a lot to me (since Aidan tak tau apa2 lagi.. hehehe..) I had a 'moment' with this gift as they were wishes, good advice and just plain birthday note for my Aidan, from my siblings, nephews and nieces, and not to forget our Opah.. :)

Few notes that really surprised me.. Yup, Ateh Basharah's, Eng's, Anjang's.. Huhuhu.. :(

All the way from Arizona?? hehehe.. I bet somebody helped them to write this down, but to know that Ateh and family were also contributing pun dah bagi mummy sebak.. Huhuhu.. :(

My handsome brother, Eng.. Long time no see.. :(

From Opah, to Aidan.. :) InsyaAllah Opah.. :)

Who wrote this down?? I just love the wordings.. Sapo?? Sapo, pls..? :))
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