Monday, October 11, 2010

Before 10 10 10.. :) and CREDIT to those who helped :

Just now, i received an email from this person named, Miss Aryati.. asking for me to help her with her birthday party.. Ooops, her daughter's, Maya.. :) She asked me to make just a short entry on some of the things i can manage for her.. And to you Aryati, these are some of the things that i prepared myself, for Aidan's party.. :)

And to promote few others who helped me to make the party looked great, are as below.. :))

Personalized party hat.. :)

Look at my kicik.. :)

Goodies / Party favors.. (Depends on your theme, and decorations you wanted)

Credit to Yaya, for helping me with Aidan's favors.. :)

Just a simple one.. :)

Pinata.. :)

Create some fun for the kids.. :)

Personalized t shirt..

For all primary school nephews and nieces.. :)

Special thanks to :

Tent : Kak Rinie Canopy

Cake : Kak Fiza from Another Mine - Fiza Nordin ( )

Cupcakes : Jaja from The Baking Fairies / The Wedding Fairies ( )

Food : Opah, Tokma, Sate Hj Samuri and Cili Merah Seksyen 9, Shah Alam.. :)

Thanks again.. :)
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