Friday, October 15, 2010

Child care Center ? Biar betul..!

I know, we have heard a lot (and most of them, not really nice to listen, huh?) about things that happened in child care center.. Yup, no need to reveal here, as we, mommies couldn't even listen to it, or dare to imagine.. But, if all of us choose to keep it low, mmg lah 'diorang2' ni tak sedar akan kesalahan diorang.. 'Diorang2' ni are those who work in the child care center, and claimed to be professional, trained, but still careless, in a way.. (oohhhh, sorry, here we can't use 'Accident happens..' sebab memang tak sesuai!)

Yup, kalau look back like few weeks ago, banyak jer cases on babies yang tercekik susu and stuff, di care center.. And what happen after that is that the center ditutup jer.. Yup, that is how far we can do.. Sedih sangat bila baca cases yang mak bapak keje satu hari cari rezeki for the family, and ended up dapat phone call, saying their daughter or son dah tak sedar diri di care center, or tercekik susu and stuff.. Nauzubillah.. Minta simpang jauh2 issues like these.. Nope, Aidan i tak dihantar ke care center, thanks to Opah, Gee and his aunties yang sama2 nak tolong tengokkan Aidan.. Alhamdulillah.. But, the question here, sampai bila?? Hmmmm.. (will get back on this matter)

Last 2 days, as i was chit chatting with my friend, and this child care center came to be one of our 'hot' topic to discuss.. Yup, since i am now working with my client, Aidan dijaga oleh Opah, Gee and his aunties, and for my friend, she had no other choice but to send her daughters to one.. Walaupun it is hard for her to bid the girls goodbye every single morning ( yer lah, she said she couldn't imagine if something happened to her kids that day, that would be her last goodbye - and i was like 'Hey, don't send that energy!'..) Pity her, she is leaving in a complete mess.. Imagine, every sigle day, rasa fiered jer.. Aaa'ahhh, not nice!

I understand completely, and it made me realized that the best person to take care of our child, is ourselves.. :) When i was SAHM, i had to take care of Aidan, myself, and definitely he would be right infront of my face at all time.. So, i knew perfectly that he was fine.. Makan minum terjaga and stuff.. And if your loved ones yang jaga you child, you have nothing to be worried about, tambah2 those yang ada pertalian darah, definitely will take care of your child like theirs.. But, those with no pertalian, how far can you actually trust them?? Memang dilemma bila fikir bab2 ni.. Yet again, if your situation demands you to work so that you can put some bread on the table, some sacrifices need to be made, for sure..

Dalam sembang and share info, i came across few stories yang tak berapa best dengar.. How these kids di child care center dijaga.. Some dibiarkan menangis teresak2 without any supervision, sebab center terlalu ramai kids, and ada yang sampai tertido sebab nangis tak henti2.. But again, macam mana cerita camni boleh keluar plak?? I guess, one of the teachers told the public or something.. *Sigh.. And it reminded me on some centers yang kena investigated, sebab one of the mother claimed every day she picked up her baby, bila kiss sajer anak dia, dia bau minyak tanah.. Huh??? Yup, she gave like few days nak tengok mana datangnya bau minyak tuh, and memang for days anak dia balik dalam keadaan bau minyak tanah.. She send someone to check on the care center, and from the investigation, rupa2 nya memang most babies kat sana bau minyak tanah.. This is to make the life of the person incharge easier, sebab the babies akan layan bau minyak tuh, and apa lagi, tido! Ya Allah, ada juga cases camni..

Takut kan?? But for those working mom yang have to send thier babies to one, i understand, and i definitely understand your feeling.. Memang kalau boleh kita tak nak, and somehow we have too.. Ni la namanya sacrifice.. And what we can do is doa and tawakal jer, so that our babies selamat, right??

Tu lah, now bila dah pindah and start keje, memang pagi2 quite hectic, sebab have to travel to Shah Alam from Cahaya, and then straight to Subang, and hubby off to his destination lak.. Balik, he fetched me (oohhh, already jual my beloved car.. huhuhuhu) up, straight ke Shah Alam for Aidan and terus ke Cahaya plak.. Every single day.. Memang hectic in a way, nasib baik jalan nak ke Cahaya ada jalan dalam, so that no need to go through jam terhebat near Bukit Jelutung.. Hahaha.. But if we are lucky enough, sampai rumah dalam 6.30, if not, pukul 8 yek?? Hahaha..

Tak tau lah sampai bila nak send Aidan ke Shah Alam.. Bukan apa, nak kejar masa is one thing sebab kadang2 sampai lewat jer kat office.. Altghough my client tak kisah, but i have one other colleague kot yang nak kena jaga hati.. Kan Cik Nun kannn?? Hahaha.. And ofcoz, nak kurangkan travel from one place to another.. Huh! But, so far, tak berani lagi nak send him to a child care center, walaupun we have one like 5 steps from Ima's house, and that makes 10 steps from ours.. hahaha! We have one, tapi i serba salah nak hantar ke situ or not.. Dilemma.. dilemma.. Can't imagine la strangers take care of my child.. Gee i percaya but with my mom ada in the same house, tuh yang bagi i lagi kuat.. Having maid tinggal with my son dalam rumah pun i tak boleh imagine.. Memangla, saper tak nak ada maid, but maid buat keje lain and kalau jaga the kids, depan mata jer.. Hahaha.. Sebelum nak betul2 percaya.. :P Bukan apa, i know stories.. Jangan terkejut if one day u balik, anak you tengah nangis, or having bruises here and there, or tetiba bila you balik, he or she refuses to be cared by your maid.. Haaa.. ni mesti something ni.. You have to be veryyyy careful!

Itu lah my dilemma now.. serba salah sungguh! Nak hantar ke tak?? Hmmmm.. Once adik Aidan ada nanti, macam mana plak?? Huhuhu.. *Scratch2.. :P
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