Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing Eric Leong!
I just love decorating things.. Tak kisah lah apa pun, doing arts or decorating rooms.. Finding ideas on how to make your house a beautiful place for you and your family is what i have been up too, now.. Plus, with the party pun dah settle, now i can concentrate on my house, and to be frank, that walls of mine kat rumah tuh, really scream HELP! now.. Hehehe.. Really, really need to find nice paintings and wall decors.. But actually, i love those DIY's.. Like one painting my nephew made for me is just perfect! :) Kan best kalau ada few lagi.. Hahahaha! Evie also did mention about doing some paintings together, or simply ask her to make few for me.. Hmmm.. tengok lah camner.. Really need to plan betul2, as everything should match with everything.. Tak match betul2 takper.. As what my SIL, Ieta and i selalu kata, kalau tak perfect, that is ART! Ahaks! :P

So, sajer jer tengok decor idea on the kids playroom.. Wahhhh! Hebat sungguh, macam anak raja nyer playroom lagi.. Kalau gini lah, nak masuk main pun i tak kasik.. Hahaha.. Sayangggg.. Tihihihi..

p/s: Gambar disimpan untuk ideas, that's why buat special entry for it.. Manalah tau, for future reference.. Ahaks! :P Hebat sungguh anak2 sekarang.. The father or the mother mesti celebrity nih.. Hahaha..

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