Monday, October 18, 2010

One fun Saturday : Aidan's FIRST visit to the Zoo!
Yeepee yay yay!! Last Saturday, daddy brought us to the zoo, and it was actually not only Aidan's first visit there, but it wass also mine.. Hehehehe.. Yup, i have never been to Zoo Negara before, and i was imagining it to be 10 times better than the one i have visited before, and this one inlcudes the one in Taiping! Hahaha.. (I thought the zoo is big, okay, and to my surprise, i was at the exit gate in no time.. Hahaha)

Our mission was to let the kicik enjoyed the animals, the nature.. Before this, we just showed Aidan few pictures of animals, or bought him soft toys of animals, but it would be awesome if he could see them all live.. So, the mission was granted by daddy.. Thanks for taking us both there.. :)

We went out at around 10 to the zoo, and it was very fun to see Aidan smiling, playing with his daddy who was driving (mummy kept quiet at the back, sebab tak nak Aidan merengek nak mummy.. Hahaha) + tido on the way to the zoo.. It took us quite some time to get there, but it was worth the wait, sebab SANGATLAH BEST! :)) The day before, mummy Irfan did mention yang the zoo dah tak sebest dulu since tak banyak animals to be seen there.. But mummy Irfan, best la sana.. Dah banyak animals, and you should bring lil Irfan one day.. He's gonna love it, dear.. :)

Once we arrived we saw kids in uniforms, queuing right infront of their teachers, getting ready to enter the gate.. Bestnyer! I miss old days masa sekolah2 dulu, and to follow my school's program to historical place and what not is something yang i enjoyed the most.. Aidan pun mesti suker with such exposure.. Going to the zoo with his friends, memang lah akan best! :) Hehehe.. Takper, tunggu Aidan besar sket and once you enter kindergarten okay dear.. :) Yup, kindergarten kids pun ada, how cute.. They were walking together in 2, and sometimes i could hear them say something like 'weiii.. weiii.. tengok tuh..' while showing the bear and what not to their friends.. Alaaaa.. comel nyer.. :) hehehe..

We saw a lot of animals and those yang memang in Aidan's checklists were bears, giraffes, lions, tigers, elephants, zebra.. Ni yang wajib! Hahaha.. We chose to walk, and not to get onto the tram sebab nak take our own sweet time, looking at the animals, and snapped some pictures.. Pity daddy sebab tak bawakan stroller Aidan yang tertinggal di rumah Opah, ended up carried jer the kicik all the way.. :) Yup, ofcoz lah takder drama made by the kicik sebab leka jer kena dukung ngan daddy.. Hahaha.. But, mummy pun bukan jalan lenggang jer.. I was the one with the packpack and drinks some more in my hands.. Hahaha.. Takper.. puas hati.. :)

We walked for hours but managed to seat for a while di few stops.. Ha ah, no worries ada few stations for you to stop for awhile and enjoy the view.. The ones i love was at the Savannah, sebab seriously bila you nak rehat, your view is nothing but beautiful.. You will see a lot of giraffes, zebra and ostritch.. And they live together in this open field.. Best sangat2.. :) At one point, i was like, mana gajah ni?? I looked at Aidan, kawan kita tuh dah restless.. Hmmm.. Tried to grab his attention, playing, making faces and stuff.. He seemed enjoyed sekejap, pastu back to his train to lala land.. Alamak! Elephant still tak nampak2.. I was really frustrated, and fikir, mungkin this is what mummy Irfan cakap, tak banyak dah animals there, and we continued made our way to the exit gate.. Although we had to walk all the way to the gate, hati ni tiba2 jer seronok, after i saw a glimpse of tigers, and hubby went 'haaaa, tu.. Tiger!' and Aidan dah buka mata balik, but ala2 jer lah.. Sempat snapped pictures and continued our jorney to the exit game..

Tiba2.. 'haaaaa.. dah jumpa!'.. We saw giraffes and elephants and they were very close since the visitors could actually feed them, so diorang nyer spot tuh not that big.. Sempat snapped pictures gak, but at this point, Aidan was fast asleep.. Huhuhu.. Takper lah Aidan, mummy will keep the pictures in your album.. Sian dia.. :) Jalan punya jalan, these 2 best spots dekat jer ngan entrance tadi.. Huh! :P

Memang best sangat zoo.. I just love zoo, sebab i just love giraffes, elephants, zebra and stuff.. And to share it with your little one is ofcoz priceless.. :)) Best!

p/s: Psssst.. Do you know you can help some of the animals there, through this adoption program?? For more info, go to There, you can see the pictures of the animals ready to be adopted.. and wanna have your Safari birthday party at the zoo?? Visit It will be awesome theme, at the right place to celebrate it.. Best kan?? :))

Get Involved - Adopt Our Animals

Zoo Negara is managed by the Malaysian Zoological Society, a non-governmental organization that survives mainly through its gate collection and sponsorship from individuals, schools and corporate companies.

All our animals are up for adoption and you may help us adopt one by maintaining its annual food, enrichment and veterinary care. In return you will receive tax exemption on the amount you have sponsor and should you cover the complete cost, we will even put up a sponsorship plaque at a minimal fee.

The zoo currently has over 30 corporate sponsors, schools and individuals.

Check out the animals that are waiting to be adopted! Ready for adoption

For further details, do contact the Public Affairs Department of Zoo Negara at +603-41083422/7/8 or email us at

On the way to the zoo.. :)

Cik Dan admiring his raya sandal.. Baru betul2 nak pakai sandal.. Kekeke.. :)

When mummy say, big hug2..?? :P

Daddy, the pilot that day.. :)

Mummy, at the back with printed zoo map.. Nak tengok how far is one place to another and which route to take.. :)

We arrived with the kicik, feeling happy.. Lega! :)

Heading to the ticket counter.. Nasib baik queue tak panjang.. :)

Souvenir shop.. :)

He is one happy boy when it comes to jalan2 tengok animal.. :)

First stop, makan dulu.. Aidan with his energy bar, buah betik.. Hehehe.. :)

Second stop - ni semua dalam group monyet, kera, and beruk..

Instead of teruja tengok chimpanzee, Aidan teruja tengok this couple tengah makan ice- cream.. Hehehe.. Sian.. :)

Inflattable bouncer for kids.. Tapi hygiene wise.. Not really.. :(

Hypo.. :)

Convenient for those who refuse to walk that far.. :) Tram for you.. :)

mummy selalu kata kat daddy 'Find some shades.. find some shades..' Hehehe.. Sebab kesiankan Aidan.. :)

Lupa nama.. Bull kot.. Hmmm.. :P

Keluarga bear.. :) My fav ni.. Chumell.. :)

Wajib one pic here.. :)

Okay, 2 pics, sebab tengok how teruja Aidan was.. Hahaha.. :P

OMG, berdiri serious macam orang.. Hehehe.. :)

This one dalam citer Brother Bear.. :)

TIba2, macam kat Bali.. Hahaha.. :P

Rusa.. :)

Kangaroo.. :)

Kambing pun ada.. I told daddy, masa i tinggal di Taman Rakyat, petang2 ada jer kambing jalan ramai2.. Dalam taman, tau.. And dday went, 'Ohhh, kitorang kambing takder, kuda kadang2 ada..' :P Okay, lawak.. :P

Cantik nyer.. :) Flamingo.. :)

NI plak geng2 penyu/ kura2.. :)

Some even keep it as a pet okay?? :)

The kids enjoyed looking at the girl with a snake in hand.. :)

Crocodile Dundee.. :)

At the Savannah.. :) Rhino.. :)

Our stop for Aidan's susu panas time.. :)

My own giraffe.. :)

Beautiful zebra.. :)

Nice view.. :)

Happy dapat susu.. Baru senyum panjang.. :)

That's camel, sayang.. :)

Orang utan and all.. :)

Agak panas, hubby found himself kipas, and terus headed for it.. Hehehe..

Cute jer.. :)

Tiger.. Roarrrrr!

Kesayangan mummy.. :)

Lion and lioness..

Tapir.. :) Besar gak tapir nih..


From family flamingo.. Apa ntah nama dia.. Lupa dah mummy.. :P

Elephant.. Tapi Aidan dah doze off dah.. Hehehe..

Giraffe.. Cantik sangat.. :)

Dah nak balik.. :) That's how we spent our Saturday, just the 3 of us.. :) Best2.. Looking forward for more outing, daddy.. :P

To Aidan, wait for the videos.. :)
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