Monday, November 15, 2010

Aidan's fun time continued at Indoor Fun Fair, SP!

One happy boy! Yup, later after we left from CVL, we decided to go jalan2 ourselves.. Daddy and mummy decided to bring the kicik somewhere fun! On the way back, we decided to head for Sunway Pyramid, as they have an idoor fair for kids.. :) It was a small fair as it was held at the ground floor, and only took half of the place, but for an indoor fair, it is acceptable.. And, the games are also scream 'fun fair!'.. :)

Yup, they have Merry Go Round, Ferris Wheel, Bumper Car, Trains, and many others.. Unlike some indoor games spot, whereby they only provide you with video games etc2.. :) So, fair enough.. :) Aidan enjoyed most of his ride, but being a 'first- timer' to get on the MGR, and FW, Aidan was overwhelming, for sure.. :) Oooh, the rides also only cost us RM3 per entry, and i think that's great, right?? :) Hehehe..

Okie dokie, for those who are looking for a place to bring your kicik, this might help! Hahaha.. Ice skating pun ada di SP, but we hold that one first.. Yerlah, Aidan pun baru jer boleh jalan.. Kekeke.. so kicik.. :P Kekeke.. Oooohhh ya.. Thanks to Aunty Steph, we can't wait to visit the indoor sand pit! Awesomeeee!! :P Hehehe..

Okie dokie, these are the pictures.. Best2.. To all mummies.. bring your kicik, tau!! Hahaha.. :P
Aidan observing the place.. :)

Some of the 'fun' you can find there.. :)

Bumper Car!!

Merry Go Round!

Ferris Wheel.. :)

Thank you, to whom it may concern, for this cute baby boots.. :) Aidan dah boleh pakai dah.. :) Dah muat.. Tihihihi..

Cute boots! I loike!! :)

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