Monday, November 15, 2010

When he says 'no.. no..! to his biscuits!'..

Dear mummies,

Today, i want to share with you about my latest favorite biscuits.. :) Thanks to mummy and daddy, for buying me the biscuits, and i just love it!

Mummy said that she wanted me to share about the biscuits here, because she said, some babies or boys my age need to eat healthy food, and junk foods only once a while.. She found it hard to get the right biscuits for me, as i always ended up saying 'blahhh! or no no no!' to the biscuits she bought me..

She tried almost every brand , and i ended up liking this one.. This is Leibniz Zoo Butter Biscuits, and they come in many shapes of animals, so cute and yummy too! I love it, mummy loves it, and my cousins also, love it!

They have Camels, Elephants, Sheeps, Lions, and etc2.. Yummy Mummy, My Tummy! :) Hehehe.. You can get the biscuits in Jaya Jusco Supermarket, Tesco, Giant and many others, at RM 6.50 per pack.. Enjoy!! :)) - Aidan :P

p/s: Yes all, Leibniz biscuits are so yummy, and it is for kids! Now, packing with this biscuits, my kicik able to behave himself in his stroller or car seat.. Hahaha.. Best kan?? Kekeke.. :P - Mummy :P
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