Thursday, November 25, 2010

At 1 year, 2 months and 12 days, you my son, it's time for a little training.. :)

Well, too soon for potty training.. I know.. At least, tunggu lah bila Aidan at least dah boleh cakap, or faham when mummy kata ' Aidan nak gi toilet, bgtau mummy.. We can play splash2 after that ', yerrrrr, diikuti dengan 5 minit main splash2 water.. Harus create something to excite them to go to the bathroom, if yes, nature calls.. Hihihi..

But, bila tak boleh nak converse lagi, this one training seems to work.. Yup, besides tak biasakan babies with pacifiers (yup, tapi adorable jer bila tgk diorang with pacifiers.. some ambil masa nak really let go the habit, others biasa jer, like no hal!) hihihi.. Okay, the one thing yang might work is for them to say bye2 to their 'susu panas' bottle, and say 'hi' to drinking bottle with sipping straw! So HI!!

Bukan apa, i am training my son to stop using his 'susu panas- as we call his milk time' bottle from now, sebab Aidan at this point masih dalam keadaan nak adapt with his surroundings, and bila start dari awal, dia mudah nak follow our pattern or rentak in BM! Hehehe.. He can't complaint or bersungut, but we can tell if he refuses it for sure, but worth trying right?? I have read few places that suggested to train the children to use sippy cup at early years and it would be awesome if he or she can cope with it, and if he or she refuses the sippy cup, then we still have time to train them later.. So, no harm trying! :)

Bukan la kata Aidan now dah pun well trained, sebab it takes me to really be with him and support him.. And with my schedule lately nih, it is better to start this training during weekend ni.. and for the time being, i am training Aidan to sleep the whole night long (which always berjaya, and sometimes fail.. hehehehe) But again, worth trying, sebab apa2 pun yang melibatkan anak, mesti worth trying, tak kisah la kalau mummy kena bersengkang mata at 1 am just to read on how to train this and that to her beloved boy! Chewahh! :P Macam sekaranggg! Hahaha..

Okay, the reason being for me train him to sleep the whole night long, is because mummy nak Aidan skip susu panas time at nights or early2 in the morning, sebab bila dalam keadaan still mengantuk, Aidan tak boleh focus, and the best thing is ofcoz back to his 'susu panas' bottle.. Habis jer, he would go back to his lala land.. Well, memang if benda ni jadi, mummy kena prepare la his bottle gak.. Just in case, guna jer pada waktu tengah malam or awal pagi.. The rest, please kay dear, guna sippy cup or drinking bottle with sipping straw.. :)

But please, jangan kata, 'kesiannyer budak tuh.. still baby lagi..' No! Do not say that, sebab mak mana la tak nak bagi the right amount of nutrients dekat si anak.. Just that, the 'tools' are different now.. When he is hungry, then feed him, bila 'susu panas' time, then give him his sipping straw.. Not that we want to torture him! Come on! Hehehe..

So, tak nak comment banyak2 here.. Wish us luck for this coming weekend.. Nak bagi Aidan focus and more focus, and say 'bye2' forever to his bottles.. :) Yeahhhhh!

p/s: ooohhhh, i got to know that another blogger mom, Amie pun dah start train Kaira.. Great babe! But cara masing2 mungkin sama but tak serupa, or totally different.. Kaira dah besar, dah minum chocolate milk or milo kot, but Aidan with his stool yang sometimes ok, sometimes hard, jarang sangat i bagi dia chocolate milk etc, but i will find other alternatives, for sure.. :)

Pray so hard, so that Aidan will follow Haikal and Nurin.. Haikal stopped asking for 'susu panas' when he was 2 years old.. No no to bottles.. And now, he likes milk,but thanks to Dutch Lady, the big boy wakes up and ask for 'susu sejuk' plak from Gee.. Well, the mini pack helps! :) And sweet Nurin, she rarely asks for her bottle as well, melainkan bila dia betul2 teringin.. Like tiba2 dalam seminggu.. Hahaha.. I got to know how my sister taught them to stop.. Great Achik Ha! That's why mummy start now, sebab kalau tak berjaya now pun, nak gak make sure by 2 years old, Aidan say no no no! to his bottles.. :) InsyaAllah, and Amin..
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