Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa, here we come!

Yeahhhhh, tomorrow we are going for a short holiday to Cyberview Lodge, with our Tokba, Tokma, Achik, Asu, and Mamayong's family.. Thanks Mamayong for the invitation! :)) It is a short weekend- holiday for all of us.. and it is going to be a blast, as the whole family is going to be there, to celebrate Abang Harith's birthday.. :)

The theme for this year, is Spiderman, and as one excited mummy when it comes to birthday parties and stuff, i asked Mamayong, if she wanted the kids to wear the same costume theme, and she said 'nevermind, any superhero will do.. hehehehe.. Great!

To Abang Harith, Aidan is soooo excited to be there to celebrate you! See you guys tomorrow!! :))

Deciding on which superhero Aidan will become tomorrow :

Spiderman, Superman or Batman.. Hmmmmm.. :)

Superpower hebat in his Superman costume.. :)

And now in his Spiderman costume.. :)

But.. i just loveee this one.. :) Batman! Hahaha.. Sebab Aidan macam ala2 pakai tudung mummy pun ada.. Kekeke.. :P

Entry on Abang Harith's birthday bash will be posted later.. Tungggguuuuuu.. :)

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