Sunday, November 7, 2010

Especially for you, my LOVE..

Yeahhhh, yesterday i got my embroidery hoops! :))

Mummy's latest project for Aidan's baby 'adik' is half way there! Cikit lagi nak siap.. Hehehe.. - To be in the safe side, i just made the background but not yet the lettering stuff.. :))

Mmmmm, yup.. baby 'A N' for baby brother, and baby 'A H' for baby girl.. :) Yup, no more 'E' for girl.. And both mummy and daddy just fell in love with the names.. :)

And oooh, we will upload few pictures on the wall decors using embroidery hoops once we are finished, okay?? And yes, later we will upload the project on the 'throw' too.. Throw pun sekerat jalan, sebab few things that belong to Aidan that mummy wanna sew on the throw masih di rumah Tokma.. :) So, tak siap lagi.. Hehehehe.. :) Throw ni untuk simpanan.. mummyyyyy!! Hahahaha.. Ofcoz, when you sew, nothing but little, cute, meaningful things that belong to your son from his day 1.. :) Wajib disimpan for kenangan.. :))
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