Thursday, November 4, 2010

... and it's a GIRL! ...

3rd November 2010

Yup, tiba2 jer tajuk jadi pink.. Hahaha.. This is because, according to the doctor we went to see yesterday (not my gynae, sebab mummy just pegi check on my tummy cramp thingy), we are expecting a flower! A girl! :) InsyaAllah.. and mummy went ' Daddy, tunggu dulu 8hb, since ada appt with my gynae sendiri.. Yup, the fact that daddy Aidan pernah bernazar nak botakkan kepala if we were expecting a baby girl.. ) :)

Hahahaha.. there goes my secret in FB, that left everyone with, heeeyy, girl or boy?? :P But bear in mind, not yet confirmed kay?? Yup, walaupun the doc said 'yes, a girl'.. Mummy still want my gynae's opinion or say.. (which i think lebih tepat and maybe lebih convincing.. hahahah)

Okay, still, smalam daddy Aidan balik with kepala yang botak, maybe yang shave but number 2 tu! huhuhu)

So, doakan both of us, yerrrr.. Semoga baby and mummy sihat.. :) InsyaAllah, a girl.. :P

p/s: Alhamdulillah, dah boleh start decor her nursery with DIY stuff.. Yer, i'll post it later, my arty lover blogger friends.. :) Kita buat sama2.. :) Huhuhu.. :)

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