Sunday, November 21, 2010

I just love 'VINTAGE!'

Hello lovelies, hmmm, you guys kenal tak Corey Moortgat? Hahaha.. Yer, soalan cepu mas kan?? Kalau kata tak pun, i understand, sebab she is not a celebrity, or author, or anyone famous lah, in short.. Corey Moortgat is an artist- art lover! And she is 'expert'- for me la, in collage.. :) I just love her scrapbook for her kids.. No, no, unlike other scrapbooks, yang guna mostly ready made stuff, such as the flowery paper cut, or the letters and all, Corey chose to do hers, in a very creative way.. And it is for sure Vintage! Class abis mummy ni.. I love those ideas she poured in her kids scrapbook, and each page memang macam 'aaaahhhhhhhh.. sweet!'.. Yer, bunyi cam background sitcom if something sweet happens tu.. Hahahaha!

Awesome, one creative mummy, Corey nih.. Love it, love it, love it!

Okie dokie.. I just loveeeeeee.. Vintage! But, to be frank, kalau kata nak decor rumah ada unsur2 vintage ni, di Malaysia, susah nak buat.. Bukan apa, vintage stuff or used items kat sini, either mahal, or tak menepati konsep vintage yang i nak.. Okay, nak tau concept vintage macam mana yang i maksudkan?? You guys tgk kat Sini, banyak concept vintage, but haruslah scroll sendiri cari gambar2 nyer kay?? I'll give you an example! Contoh yang i jumpa dalam my all time fav

Okay now,, memang all about arts.. Apa2 yang berkaitan ngan arts, from decor to fabrics to even cook.. Yer, cook pun an art nowadays.. Hehehe.. So, memang akan bagi those who is into art, an inspiration, ofcoz.. So, ceritanya smalam, i nak try to decor my kids - Aidan and coming adik's room, and vintage is what i thought for adik's room, sebab terinspired with Corey bila dia hias bilik her daughter, Avery! Soooo.. cute!

So, Vintage is the theme, but again, the outcome is not really inspiring.. I look at the wall, and pastu tgk langit, look back at the wall, pastu tgk langit.. Hahaha.. Cari ilham, yang tak sampai2.. Kekeke.. Yer, the concept with my wall decor hoops, memang masuk, but i'm just not really into the idea of the wall stickers that we bought wayyyyyy before moving in to the house, on blue painted wall.. Macam something is not right.. And bila dah berjam2 dok termenung tgk the wall, i chose to just sleep.. Daddy did warn me about the wall stickers.. He wasn't that happy with the pictures walaupun memang vintage abis! (unlike the one we put in Aidan's playroom, which is more bright in colors, and super duper cute!) Yup, i slept on it, for sure! Hahaha.. Yer, we went back to KJ during raya haji, and sempat grabbed few things such as the projects i did for Aidan last time, the wall stickers, the paintings, etc, balik rumah.. So, skang boleh guna untuk decor2.. :)

Vintage cartoons for wall decor.. cute, but something is not right?? Apa yek?? I supposed, the blue painted wall.. Hmmmm..

Ikutkan hati nak paint mural jer.. Hahaha.. Dengan perut yang besar ni, memang tak dapatlah kan?? Hahaha..

So, hari ni operasi mencari ilham is back, and hopefully the DIY concept pun menjadi.. If not, memanglah vintage ke mana, apa ke mana.. Hahaha..

p/s: Kalau my sis, Sha baca ni, mesti dia kata : 'adik, kat sini (Arizona) macam2 ada jual, and murah2 to be used in the kids room..' Yer, sebab i just love what she did for her house.. Bagi all the siblings gigit kuku jer dari sini, bila tgk gambar her house.. Hehehe.. Yup, they moved to a new house now.. :) And her wall decors, tersangatlah cantik.. :)

Ohhhh, ala.. lupa nak snap picture of my sis, Aishah's wall.. She bought one wall decor (drooling okay?? sebab cantik sgt) from my sis, Sha, and she already put it up la kan.. Sangatlah cantik, and nak tgk the wall decor camner?? Okay, i upload.. But kalau u guys nak order pun boleh, go to, and make your order now.. That wall decor tak berat, and very niceeeeeeee indeed.. Yer, sangat2 loving it!! Hehehe.. :P

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