Monday, November 15, 2010

One fun weekend holiday!! Photos and more photos! :P

Happy Birthday again, to Abang Harith.. :) Yup, we just got back from Cyberview Lodge, after 3 days and 2 nights stay there.. Not only we had a good rest day, we also did celebrate the birthday boy who turned 4, and the theme for this year is Spiderman.. :)

The happiest person of all is ofcoz our Tokba, as he managed to catch big2 fish in the lake behind our chalet, and yup, fishing is his ultimate passion, and to see him happy, we were happy as well.. :) Oooh yaaaa, you can fish in CVL.. It is part of what they have to offer you.. You can rest, relax and enjoy the nature.. And if you love to fish, this is the place you want to be, for sure.. :)

Aidan enjoyed his stay as well, but the kicik took a very long time to mix with others.. Hmmm, i guess it is because of the faces that Aidan jarang jumpa, and because of the new place kot, he became clingy.. Poor dad, sebab kena selalu angkat Aidan, since mummy boleh angkat sikit2 jer.. Yup, i am no longer fit to lift Aidan, who is now almost and maybe dah 10 kg! Hahaha.. yer, do not judge his small physical or frame, this kicik dah beraaattt! Hehehe..

Looking at him, daddy and mummy pun macam curious.. Usually Aidan ok jer.. Takder lah so clingy like that.. He can mix with other kids easily, especially anak2 my friends, and strangers pun strangers lah, he would just make his way to that person and pegang2 etc.. Ni tak, hahaha.. Aidan macam takut2. and tgk kiri kanan, and nak nangis.. Bila lama sikit, baru dia okay.. Huh! Lega.. :P But, apa2 pun, our weekend in CVL, is one awesome holiday.. Thanks Mamayong for the invitation.. :)

p/s: Aidan's splash2 in the swimming pool pun best.. The kicik enjoyed it.. Thanks Achik Ita for taking care of Aidan in the pool.. :) Aidan enjoyed his time with you, and mummy sempat took a picture of you guys together.. :) Sweet! Enjoy the pics! :))

Getting ready for cake cutting.. :) The 3 spideyyyyssss!

Happy Birthday, abang!

My baby.. :)

Baby spidey and daddy.. :)

.. and mummy.. :)

Cupcake from the birthday boy's mom.. :)

Asu and achik.. :)

Tokba and his catch.. :)

The lake behind our chalet.. Beautiful.. :)

The chalet.. Mamayong took 2 rooms, and they were spacious, okay?? :)

Our Ally.. :)

Siang hari, Aidan susah tido.. Hahaha.. Ni daddy paksa tido! Kekeke..

Jenuh.. Kekeke..

Finally.. Hahah.. Good job, dad! :P

Ohhh.. this one, going to the pool, with my Achik! :)

Pool, here we come!! I loike! - kata Aidan.. :P kekeke..

See, his happy face!! Suka pool, suka mandi, suka air!! :)

With Mama Jiha.. :)

Excited little fella, with Aniq.. :)

Qaid pun ada.. :)

Ohhhh, yes.. You can also book for weddings di CVL.. Sweet.. This one is on garden wedding by the poolside.. Class! :)

With Nana.. :)

and Abang Harith.. :)

He is one big baby now.. :))

Look at this boy! Cepatnyer dia besar.. alalala.. :)

Antara hasil tangkapan.. Got another one, lagi besar, but tak snap pic.. Rugi2.. :P

Nana and Aunty Su! :)

I am soooo.. letih.. Hahaha.. :)

Last day at CVL.. Nak balik dah.. but skang, main game dulu.. :P

Final round before saying bye2 to CVL.. :)

Bye bye CVL!! See ya next year!! :)

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