Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Art time: Introducing Aidan with colors.. :)

Hello mommies!

Today, i would like to share with you about my passion in arts.. And if let's say i was asked to do some paintings and what not, my first ever choice is to use crayons.. I just love crayons, as it gives me the freedom to express my feelings on that particular paintings through textures and and all.. Yup, there's a tactic for that.. If you use other painting means pun sama gak.. You can play with the textures and all.. But i am so much comfortable with crayons..

I have started my art projects with Aidan dah lama, since he was still a baby.. But now, it's about time for me to expose him to create his own art projects.. And the best thing is that, crayons seem to be the best tool for the toddlers in doing art.. So we share something similar there, and it sure is fun to do the projects with him..

I am thinking of coming up with his own art book, but it's not a scrapbook where you go page by page, drawing things etc.. But i collect and keep his art yang Aidan buat on any papers, and simply make a book out of them.. Lagi menarik and cute.. Sometimes being imperfect is simply perfect! :) I am thinking of coming up with his yearly art book.. So that every year ada satu art book from Aidan.. From 1 year maybe until his primary school days.. Who knows.. :)

But for now, Aidan hanya suka doodle or scribble jer.. And ofcoz tuh pun something for kenangan 1 tahun Aidan, but contengan pun, kena la macam art2.. Hahaha.. U can let him use different colors of crayons and maybe u paste different colors of papers and maybe some stickers.. :) I loveee stickers! So that your kids takder lah find it boring and what not.. :) Well, these projects should be something fun, not vice versa..

But there are also some projects that i help him to finish, such as making his mark through his hand prints and so forth.. Last time, (in previous entry) we did the one using clay, and very nice indeed.. For this time, we simply use water color.. But bear in mind that some water colors or crayons are NOT suitable for your kids, so, you need to be really smart.. Get the one for toddler, or simply pakaikan gloves while using them.. Up to you!

Yup, Aidan's art class hanyalah di rumah.. Hehehe.. I am dreaming of having my own art class for kids.. So, naper i tak start with my own kid, right? So, every weekend, right after his flash card class, hahahaha, and after few hours rehat, then boleh lah focus plak on arts.. I am sure he loves it, sebab bila dah nampak crayons and stuff, mesti the kicik excited.. Aidan tak attend mana2 playchool or playgoup activities.. During weekdays, Aidan attends Jee's playschool jer.. Hahaha.. Jee is his nanny kat umah Achik Ha.. Hehehe.. And playgroup hanyalah bersama2 his cousins.. Hahaha.. Okay lah kan?? Weekend baru ngan mummy.. :)

Nanti mummy snap pics on his arts kay?? His 1 year old art book cover is Aidan's Art Book - Awesome 1! :) Yeahhhh!

p/s: Baby H's romper pun dah nak start dah.. Kan Abang Ibrahim kan?? Kekeke.. :P Oohhh, next entry i would like to share about crayons that are suitable for your kids.. Sebab we have to be very careful with anything that contact with our kids skin.. Mana lah tau ada yang allergy and stuff.. Okie dokie.. :)
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