Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time out!

Conversation between 2 person.. Anom 2 is a very smart, confident guy.. He is sooo smart that he could answer all these questions in just a minute, without having to think hard.. One smart guy, really! :)

Anom 1 : How do you pronounce this spelling : M C I N T O S H ?

Anom 2 : Mcintosh! (bunyik macam mekintosh) Correct!

Anom 1 : M C A F E E ?

Anom 2 : Mcafee! (bunyik cam mek-afi) Correct!

Anom 1 : M C D O N A L D ?

Anom 2 : Ohhh, that easy.. McDonald! (bunyik cam Mek- donel) Correct!

Anom 1 : M A C A R O N ?

Anom 2 : Macaron! (bunyik cam meka-ron) Correct!

Anom 1 : How do you pronounce this spelling : M A C A U?

Anom 2 : Macau! (bunyik cam Makau) Correct!

Anom 1 : Okay.. M A C H I N E?

Anom 2 : And he goes.. Mac- hine! ( MEK- HAIN) !!


I guess he's not as smart as he thinks.. Kekekeke.. Okay, sambung buat keje.. Daaa! :P
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