Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brush Brush Brush!

Hey baby mummy,

You one awesome boy! Anak mummy dah pandai nak cooperate when mummy asks to brush his teeth.. Alhamdulillah, training mummy untuk Aidan menjadi gak.. Aidan macam dah tau plak what to do.. Whenever you saw mummy with your tooth brush, Aidan would open your mouth and sometimes you show your teeth.. :) Cute!

But for now, Aidan tak nak lama2 sebab he found it interesting for 1min like that jer, pastu dia dah start nak gerak2, and maybe gak sebab rasa toothpaste tuh (oooh, toothpaste just boleh letak like very minimal kay, layang2 ala2 nampak tak nampak jer.. heheheh.. and ofcoz use the one for infants.. :)).. But that 1 min, ofcoz lah mummy kena guna dengan jayanya.. Hehehe.. But this is a good start sebab boleh expose him to this new habit.. BUT, if let's say Aidan tak nak cooperate, especially masa awal2 mummy nak introduce toothbrush pada Aidan, mummy use your bunny dental care- fabric, and yang nih pun easy.. Just that, bila dah ada gigi nih, Aidan tend to ter- gigit jari mummy.. Ooouchh! Sakittttt.. :P

What i did to let him get use to his brushing routine is that sometimes i brush my teeth with him, and let him imitate what i did, and pastu i help him brush his teeth lak.. Another way that i think useful is to let him watch Yo Gabba Gabba on Brush Brush Brush, with songs and gambar toothbrush and what not, and we show him his toothbrush, and kata 'sama' and follow the song sambil brush his teeth.. And maybe you want to ask his friends, nephew or other siblings to brush their teeth together.. You kid will love it.. :)

Okay, that's about it.. Good job buddy.. Mummy is soooo proud of you! :)

p/s: Make his brushing regime a fun one.. Check it out :

Of Montreal & Kangaroo Alliance - Brush Brush Brush - Yo Gabba Gabba - YOUTUBE!

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