Monday, December 6, 2010

Dato' Dr Siti Zaliha.. Thanks so much! :))
Bye bye Dr Siti, and Hello Dr Norleen.. :)

Alhamdulillah, hajat di hati nak transferkan my pregnancy (case/file) ke DEMC mendapat green light from Dr Norleen.. :) Yup, we've met up with Dr Norleen, for a brief check up and got the chance to let her know about my past pregnancy history to lil Aidan.. The reason being for me to meet her first, before letting SDMC knew about it, is because to make sure that Dr Norleen accepts my case, yup, i had pre- eclampsia during my previous pregnancy, and to tell you the truth, it is not something that i am proud of to share, unless to help those with the same symptoms, with more info etc.. :(

In SDMC we have registered with none other, than Dato' Dr Siti Zaliha Zainal, and she is one interesting and attractive lady, for sure.. Memang kalau sebut SDMC, ramai jer yang pegi dekat dia, which is somehting great lah kan?? She might be good at what she is doing.. and yes, she is.. :) Appointments selalu full, and bila ada appointment jer ngan dia, you might want to queue for the number as early as possible, sebab kalau datang awal and register awal, still tak guarantee yang you can meet her up early gak (as tiba2 jer ada lagi yang datang lagiiii awal dari u).. hahaha.. Yup, masing2 berkejar to get to see her first.. And kalau kitorang lambat register, memanglah tunggu sampai lewat petang baru boleh jumpa, and tawaf lah dalam SDMC tuh berjam2.. hahaha.. Aidan suka lah! Ahaks! :P

But, memandangkan right now, we are staying in Shah Alam, and that DEMC seems to be the nearest, plus the Dr is also good, whereby she really practice this one to one session with her patients, and yup, for satu2 patient tuh jumpa dia, memang makan masa yang agak lama, but when you are inside the room, you pun actually satisfy with her choice of explaining and make you understand perfectly about your current condition.. Which i am for sure, longing for.. :) I need info, and yup, thanks to Dr Razman, sebab he was the one yang suggested for me to register with DEMC.. :) And the bonus part is that, it is not as expensive as SDMC, and with this 'close to your patient' approach, applause to her and DEMC!! :))

I am hoping i make the right choice here.. :) InsyaAllah..

Thank you so much Dr Siti for helping me through out my first pregnancy and this one.. May Allah bless you always.. You have one,exciting job in the whole world.. You witness the first day the babies are born.. True miracle, right?.. :)

Our new doc - Dr. Norleen.. :)
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