Monday, December 6, 2010

Lana Lolita's Hello Kitty Party!

Lana is One! Hoorayy! Lana is Aunty Fiena's adorable daughter, and she turned 1 last month.. :) Being the only daughter and child now, she is indeed a lucky girl.. Being pampered by her beautiful and sweet mummy Fiena.. :)

For the first birthday, Aunty Fiena decided to go for Hello Kitty, yang sangat2 lah chumel.. :) Pity us, we had to go back so early, and pegi umah Aunty Fiena pun soooo early, sebab nak kena cepat, and takder lagi guests yang datang.. So, tak sempat nak jumpa other friends, and juniors masa sekolah dulu.. Aaaaahhhh.. Nak buat macam mana, we had something urgent kat DEMC, but still sempat to drop by at her house and passed her baby L's present.. :) Yup, Lolita was sleeping at that point of time, and her mother just let her be, sebab nak make sure L would not be cranky and stuff during the party.. :)

So, here are some pictures yang mummy snapped, and few i got from Aunty Fiena's FB.. Enjoyyy!

Nak promote : Dear Azalea (add diorang kat FB), and they were incharged of the decorations and stuff.. Cool!

Mammy Fiena and baby L! :) Happy Birthday L!

A kiss from daddy and mummy.. :) Sweet!

Beautiful set up for candies.. Wow!!

Kids corner, and they sure love it!!

Rini ada.. and Dani!

Inflatable bouncer, giant nyer Aunty Fiena sewa for the kids.. Haaa, amik! Best nyerr.. :)

Cute backdrop! Achik Ieta, attempt kita yang tak menjadi aritu, we should get this material.. Hahaha.. :P Takper, for Aidan's 2nd birthday nanti.. Hahaha.. :P

Aunty Evie, sorry tak jumpa.. We had to go home early, and yup, that's Aunty Tini.. :)

Cute centerpiece.. :) That's Baby Lolita.. :P

Hehehe.. Fiena.. fiena.. Super cute! :))
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