Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Helping hands.. I am truly thankful to you.. :( / :)

I've been up, i've been down, i've been up and down again, but you guys always support me, and never give up on me.. I am thankful to all of you, and i am sorry for troubling you.. Life works in a mysterious way, and i am afraid sometimes, really.. Really, really afraid.. If only i know what is in store for me, then it would be different.. Thank you again, and i love every one of you, and may Allah bless you, love you and be with you.. :/

Thanks for choosing to be with me during both my hard and good times, and i treasure them all.. Not to worry, this pregnancy is really easy on me.. :)

P/s: Opah, tak nak sedih2 lagi, okay?? Kalau Opah sedih, mummy pun sedih.. Okay? Thanks for the support.. We love you! :(
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