Monday, December 27, 2010

Long entry with lotsa pictures! :) Our beautiful weekend!

Yes, last 2 days had been nothing but beautiful.. :) I got to spend 2 quality days with my family.. Yup, the plan for Saturday was postponed to Sunday, since i thought the family gathering thingy was supposed to be on Sunday, but actually on Saturday.. Aiyaaaa, mummy!

Saturday.. :)

Hehehe.. Alhamdulillah, since we had nothing important at all, just a plan to bring the kicik about, our Saturday was totally awesome.. We had to meet up with my family in Shah Alam, and the best part of all is that, most of my siblings were there, except for my brother in Kedah and my sis in Arizona.. Everyone else ada.. :)

The gathering was held in celebrating 3 of my nephews who did remarkably well in their UPSR exams, and ofcoz to celebrate Mian's birthday.. :) As usual, we arrived there late! Hahaha.. I have no idea why.. Kalau siap awal pun, mesti sampai lewat.. And not saying that bila ada Aidan jer, before we got Aidan pun memang macam ni.. Kes sampai lambat.. Hahaha.. We missed the cake cutting celebration and acara makan beramai2, but Alhamdulillah, the food on that day, sangatlah sedap!! I love everything, from the food to the cakes.. We had 2 cakes, strawberry cake and chocolate cake.. My nieces ordered the cake from Puchong, and as for the chocolate cake, well, their fav ever is ofcoz the one made by Hanis Zalikha's mother.. Sedaaaaapppp.. Boleh order for raya and any other occasions.. :)

Loving that day!! :))

Sunday.. :)

Our Saturday's plans were postponed to yesterday, and that very morning, Aidan woke us up macam ala2 tau jer nak bawa dia jalan2.. Hehehe.. Yup, we brought him to Pusat Sains Negara, nowhere fancy pun.. Hahaha.. The fact that PSN tengah ada this Dinos Alive exhibition, and it was one nice outing, daripada bawa Aidan pegi mall and stuff.. Once in a while, nak introduce him to this and that, biar dia expose with such outings dari kecil.. :) So, we left home at around 10, and sampai sana dah ramai orang.. Not 'that' ramai, but ofcoz the parking space semua dah full.. Hahaha.. Being one pregnant lady yang memang tak larat nak mendaki bukit, i asked the guard whether i could park the car somewhere, closer to the entrance, and ofcoz la my wish tuh di denied.. Hahaha.. 'Ko ingat ko special?? kekekek'.. Tapi hati dan perasaan yang tak nak mengalah, i naik gak atas, and asked the other pak guards whether i could park the car depan entrance, and lucky me, both of them said 'sure2', and asked me to park at OKU space.. Orang Kurang Upaya, and it was betul2 depan entrance.. Hehehe.. Lucky me! Actually lucky daddy, sebab guard yang awal tuh siap suggested for him to drop me off first and carik parking kat bawah.. Hehehe.. :)

Bila masuk jer, the one yang like really excited was Aidan.. Ofcoz, he was very happy indeed to watch the fishes, and other science thingy.. But ofcoz not that dia tau pun what was it all about.. But he just loved walking and touching things, and enjoyed the lighting effects.. :) Sempat mummy snaped few pictures for kenangan, and we went straight to the exhibition hall.. :)

Looking at the dinosaurs, Aidan nampak like so kagum , and excited.. He suddenly imitate the dino and buat suara2 'aaaarrrrrrgg.. arrrggggg!'.. hehehe.. Cute! Daddy and i just ketawa tengok gelagat Aidan yang tak henti2 nak buat suara dino.. Lagi dino tuh berbunyik, lagi tuh la dia pun nak berbunyi.. Hehehe.. He had fun, i could tell.. Sebab he smiled, and suddenly got serious, sebab tengah like really observed the place and the dino.. Alhamdulillah dia tak takut, but mummy pun tak kasik daddy letak dia atas the dino or like really close to it without us holding the kicik, sebab tak nak bagi dia rasa takut.. If let's say diorang start takut, diorang akan jadi takut terus lepas ni.. That's why kalau tak nak kasi Aidan buat or pegi somewhere yang kita tak kasi, mummy tak bagi kalau kita umpan dia dengan kata 'haaaa, pegi la, ada hantu!'.. Not good for your kids.. Sebab he tend to tanam sikap takut tuh, and later2 pun akan jadi takut.. Keisan.. Hehehe..

Right after Dino and pusing2 at the science area, we decided to head for lunch, and jalan2 usha barang baby.. Excited nyer mummy!.. Excited jer lah.. Hehehe.. :) Nak pegi CnA, but lupa nak double confirm ngan Aunty Mas, terpaksa tunda plak for next week.. And petang nyer plan pun tak jadi sebab ada party to celebrate Aiman, Aunty Ima's son di belakang rumah.. Petang tuh dah letih, and nak gi main layang2 pun tunda next week.. Daddy kata nak test skill layang2 dia.. Hehehe.. Yup, Bukit Jelutung ada this one airy field, sesuai for kite flying.. Dah lama teringin nak drop by, lepak2 kena angin.. Tenangkan fikiran.. Hehehe.. Next week then.. :)

Hehehehe.. Look at Aidan's legs.. Tinggi nyer.. :P

Aiman turned 2 like few days ago, and Aunty Ima and Uncle Azrin decided to come up with his birthday party.. Theme : Superhero! :) I think Superhero is the most fav theme for this year.. Ramai yang go for this theme.. And for us, nasib baik Aidan ada his superhero baju, so senang.. Hehehe.. We arrived there quite late sebab right after balik from BSC, we freshened up dulu, and time out for Aidan, sebab nak susu and stuff.. Petang baru gerak to celebrate Aiman.. It was a nice party, and a cute one i supposed.. :) So, a job well done for the mummy and her crew for making Aiman's birthday, an unforgettable one.. :)

Yeepee yay yay! That's how we spent our 2 days weekend.. :)

p/s: For those yang nak pegi PSN, the tickets are really cheap.. Like us, Aidan nyer ticket free sebab bawah umur lagi, and for us, the adults, sorang RM 10.. :) So, for a family outing time, i think it's worth it.. :) Okie dokie, daaaaa!
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