Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cool stuff!

This is sooo 'cool'.. :) I gotta work and at the same time, helping daddy at home, taking care of Aidan.. Thanks to the webcam.. Mummy tgk2 kan Aidan tido kat atas, sambil do my typing and stuff, and daddy can happily do his work kat bawah rumah, with one hand holding the phone (just in case, the kicik wakes up, i need to call him like ASAP).. hehehe.. Super cute!

Yup, daddy stayed at home today to take care of our dearest boy, since Opah and my other siblings in Shah Alam went for a short holiday in PD for 2 nights.. :) And Aidan will be seeing his Opah back, on Friday.. Gee is there in Shah Alam, but mummy and daddy prefer to leave him there, when Opah is around.. :) Aidan misses his Opah already! :)

p/s: Thank you and sorry daddy, for not being able to help you with the kiddo.. Nanti mummy balik terus okay?? This is awesome, to work and at the same time tgk Aidan tido.. Missing him so baddddd.. :( Macam nak balik and tido sebelah dia jer.. Hehehe.. :P

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