Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mummy's LITTLE present for the kicik, Aidan.. :)

Alhamdulillah, satu hajat tercapai sudah.. For my boy Aidan, the policy is here.. :) It's the parents responsibility to give the best for their children, and i am so proud that i can cover my boy with the best policy ever.. Tak sia2 mummy's monthly plan for Aidan.. MODE: Syukran! Hehehe.. :)

It's Prudential : PRUmy child policy.. After going through all the details with my agent, i decided to commit, and i think that's the best decision i have made for my son! Parents mana yang tak nak give the best for the children? And kalau tak banyak pun, mengikut kemampuan, and bersusah2 dahulu, biar the kids bersenang2 kemudian.. Huhuhu.. InsyaAllah.. Sacrifice nama nyer.. :)

The one i took has 3 benefits, and they are, Investment link (education), LIfe Insurance/coverage and Medical card.. With 'our' history, anak beranak, admit2 ni dah selalu, hehehe, and i think it is better for me to prepare him with this card.. Sediakan payung sebelum hujan! Hahaha.. And seriously, mmg worth it..

For more info, you can contact Prudential, and ask the agent to come and see you for further explanation.. Trust me, this is the best for our kids, and toys ker apa, dah number 2! Hahaha.. For those yang dah commit, great, and those yang belum, it's about time, sebab sebelum i commit, i seriously susah hati sangat fikir his education and stuff, sebab first timer parents, kita takder experience, and bila commit, yes, boleh tido malam.. Hahaha.. :) Alhamdulillah.. :)

And promo sikit : Our dearest agent..

Aliff Zainuddin
Wealth planner
012-589 5509

Haaaaa, daddy masa check on his calcium.. Kena health conscious sket, daddy.. Ni pun kena paksa ngan mummy.. Hahaha.. :P

For you may darling.. Baby mummy! Muuax!

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