Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kawan biar seribu, musuh jangan dicari!

I love all my friends, missing each and every one of you.. I thank Allah for His blessings and give me the chance to get to know you, be part of your life, and you, be part of me.. :) I am so glad that we are still strong, and the bond we have created all these while.. Not that we have to see each other every day or call each other up like every night, but the thought and care of one another speaks louder than everything else.. Once in a while, a BIG hi! would just leave us smiling the whole day, thinking back about our past, and the journey we had together.. :)

To all my kindy friends, primary school friends, secondary school friends, UITM friends, and UT's friends, and my friends out there, i love you all.. Yup, same goes to all the friends i met online, and yup, yang nak jumpa for the first time Sunday ni, Jaja, i love you.. And the bond that we have now, although tak pernah bersemuka, tapi sembang macam kenal 1000 tahun.. hahaha.. My circle of moms- bloggers, you guys are just incredible, and i really admire you as mummies, since everyone is giving their best for the children.. One great experience right?? And thanks for the sharing, as i have learned a lot as well..

Yup, Kak Wati, you too.. Selalu buka FB you.. Tengok the kids.. Oooohh, adorable kids! :P

P/s: Kati, Kak Wati is one of your customer.. Thanks Kak wati for the support.. :)
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