Sunday, January 23, 2011

BBQ cum Pot Luck with my loved ones.. :)

Last night, hubby and i welcomed my lovey dovey troops from Shah Alam, my nieces and nephews for a BBQ session, cum Pot Luck.. Just a small gathering, really.. :) The last time we had people coming to our house for a makan2 session was months ago.. After Aidan's 1st birthday party, we did receive few visits from our friends and that was it.. :)

My nephews, Ibrahim and Muhammad are sooooo into fishing, and few days before, they did catch few, and we decided to come up with a bbq session.. Hehehe.. Not that we, the girls eat them.. Hahaha.. But, just an excuse to have this so- called aunty- nieces and nephews get together thingy.. :) And ofcoz i baked them lasagna since i still got some of the ingredients in my cute little kitchen.. So, tak nak bazir, lasagna then.. :)

Aidan enjoyed their company sooo much, as everyone was there to cheer him up, or at least followed him here and there, and what a happy mummy, i was last night, to see the love and affection they had for my little one.. :) Fatin even spoiled him with ice cream, and mummy went 'okay lah, for tonight only.. hehehe'..

All in all, the gathering was nice, although biasalah, the guys came late, and we had to wait for them walaupun masing2 like so lapar, sebab bila semua ada, baru best this makan2 session.. :) Alhamdulillah, everything on the table sedap2, and Fatin's skill in marinating, memang best! Hehehe.. Sodapppppp.. :) She marinated the chicken wings macam ala2 masterchef Australia, siap with the dialect.. Hahaha.. :P Funny.. :)

Okay, some of the pics taken from my camera.. Tak banyak sangat and tak clear.. Well, the main camera smalam yang lain.. Hehehe.. Apa2 pun, thanks for coming guys.. And thanks for cooperating in making this makan2 session a nice one.. Love each and every one of you! Mmmuuax!

In this pic, Aidan was showing Kak Farah his toys yang bersepah tuh.. Hehehe.. Kak farah took care of Aidan when i was busying myself with this and that before the BBQ session started.. :)

Daddy was incharged to set up things.. :)

Fatin fried some fries and straight focusing on the marinating part.. :)

Sha sha peeled the apples for our apple smoothies.. :)

Dan Dan helped a lot too, hehehe, and stopped for a while for an ice cream with Fatin.. :)

One comot boy.. After ice cream, Abang Ibrahim came.. Yer, gang same gender dah sampai.. :P

Enjoying his night, at our garden.. :)

Both of my fishermen, were enjoying themselves preparing the fishes for BBQ.. Well, you can see the proud faces right.. They caught like 14 fishes.. Suker lah tuh.. :)

My lasagna.. :) My version.. Hehehe.. :P

Cuba teka, saper yang kata dia marinated the chicken wings like so sodapppp?? Hehehe..

Ofcoz, kugiran session.. So calming and very relaxing to hear those beats and the sound of the guitar.. :)

Sambung kat dalam lak.. Kekekeke.. Ibrahim seated on the bar, playing this ketuk2 thing.. Apa ntah.. Hehehe.. :P
Aidan also seemed to enjoy playing the instruments.. Just that dia tak tau nak handle the guitar camner.. So, macam2 aksi from him while holding the baby guitar.. Yang ni, aksi 'cuba teka siapa saya?? ' :P hehehe..


Yup, my nieces and nephews.. Our gap tak jauh, so we enjoyed each other's company like so mucho chucho.. :) Great! Love them!
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