Monday, January 24, 2011

Zeiya Hana.. Miss u!

This is my friend, ZZ.. Got to know her from my UT classes last time.. Yes, when we were known as Otye! We became close like so instant, and Alhamdulillah, now both of us lead our own lives.. She is married to an Arab, and yes, that's why her sons, both nampak macam pak arab kan? Kekeke.. So handsome.. :)

She came to visit me once a while, and i was there when she needed a support.. I guess, that's why we are still click, up until now.. She even came to see little Aidan when we were in KJ.. Friends are forever, and real friends stick together.. Although we seldom see each other, but whenever we get the chance to say 'hi' to each other, it would end up with great and lovely conversation.. How i heart you, pretty! :) p/s: Yes, she said 'hi!' to me in FB just now.. Now, we feel like wanting to meet up in person.. Hehehe.. Lama tak lepak minum2 with her.. :( Huhuhu..
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