Friday, January 7, 2011

Being playful with Gingersnaps!

Hellooooo mommies,

Especially for those mommies who like to dress your kids! Something that i just love to share with you. Gingersnaps is here, in BSC! :)

Gingersnaps is an exclusive boutique for children, offering clothing in unique and playful combinations. The best part is that, the pricing is 'affordable'.. Ranging from RM29 onwards for funky and cute t shirts for both boys and girls..

Sooo cute that you for sure wanna come back for more.. :)

p/s: Thanks my sis, Sha, the dresses are here, and they are all awesome! Cute2! Can't wait to see baby H in those dresses.. Tapi lambat lagi boleh pakai.. Another 2 years i supposed.. Hehehe.. :) Thanks so much! Mmuuah!

And just now, my nephew holla me @ FB.. OMG! I just love the outcome of our projects for the kids.. Lissa, u will love what i have for Kaira and baby E! OMG! I am one PROUD + EXCITED mummy, and aunty! :) Good job, Ibrahim.. :)

Gingersnaps @ BSC!

Maternity clothes.. Tapi i tak really into this area.. I am more into that RM29 shirts.. Hahaha.. :)

Can you spot that sailor t on the table? Yup, the blue one.. Soooo cute! A navy girll with ribbon on the hat! Chomeiii.. :) Pejam mata, and grabbed this one for baby H at only rm29! Hahaha.. Yup, additional to his outing outfit yang mummy bought sket2 last time.. :)

For the boys.. :)

Cute stuff!

You can also check on other kids outlets that offer kids stuff at a very reasonable price.. My vote goes to:

Cotton on Kids @ Sunway Pyramid

The Brands Outlet @ Ikano

You don't have to spend so much, but spend smartly, and you may find Rm10 t shirt looks just like rm50.. Hahaha.. :)

Happy shopping!
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