Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I just love these Japanese backpacks.. I am drooling for one.. Eh silap, for two.. Hahaha.. Black and red!

Enter kindy at 3 years old, is it too early for the kids?

Naaaaah, for me, it is still okay, and personally, i think IT IS a good start.. Bukan apa, it is good to expose kids with such environment at early age, walaupun memang lah dugaan for some parents to send the kids to the kindy, with drama and more drama pagi2 hari.. Hehehe.. But for those yang senang nak cope with the new thing, kudos to you, kiddo.. :)

Okay, i choose to share about this topic sebab as i was looking through my friend's Zura Lazim's pics, i saw Arman's cute pics.. Ohh, Arman is so cute with that kinda haircut! Okay, Arman is the son.. Zura's son dah enter pre- school, and hati nak sangat tanya itu ini kat Zura.. Nasib dia layan.. Hahaha.. So, i got to learn that Arman lahir hujung tahun, and bila dia enter kindy for the first time at the age of 3 years and 1 month (masa tuh kawan2 dah pun 4 years old), ofcoz lah Arman nampak a little bit small in size, and not 'that' ready to be separated from her, and due to that, the kindy days lasted for only 4 months, and then Arman stayed at home jer.. But now, Arman dah excited to go back to school.. :) Good job!

Aidan pula lahir in September, and i am praying sangat2 for him to cope laju2 with the rest.. Dulu i takut if Aidan akan jadi like a little bit slow in catching things sebab Aidan is a pre-mature boy, but all these while, Aidan keeps on surprise2 mummy dia sorang ni.. And i can see that Aidan actually dah pun cope with others, and even, there are things yang Aidan capable to do which kids his age ada yang masih tak boleh nak buat.. And vice- versa, ada yang other kids boleh buat, but Aidan belum.. So, there's nothing to be worried about.. Just that, bila lahir agak hujung2 tahun ni, biasalah.. He would react differently sket than those lahir awal tahun who maybe a little bit wiser and well behaved sebab more mature in a way? Hmmm..

We'll see.. we'll see how okay? Currently i am thinking nak hantar Aidan pegi playschool, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, Aidan has to stay back jer.. Terkilan hati sebab teringin sangat nak hantar him to school, mingle with kids his age.. But maybe ada bigger plans kot ahead for him.. InsyaAllah, although Aidan tak dapat pegi mana2 class, with his cousins kat rumah yang everyday main2 ngan Aidan, dapat sharpen up his interaction/ communication skills, alert about the environment, and also physical fitness.. At least, those are the things yang any play school emphasis now for kids his age.. Seminggu sekali, for 45 minutes.. I guess, di rumah pun we can train them, just that, takder lah proper system and what not..

So Aidan, macam2 mummy nak buat untuk Aidan, but currently mummy dah ada own check lists of priorities, and one by one mummy try to accomplish.. Mummy is not one superwoman, but i can be your supermom.. Yang mana mummy can manage myself, mummy cuba yer, dear.. I will try to give the best for you! You are my son, and i love you!

Saya nak sangat beg ini untuk anak2 saya.. Chumel kan?? And nampak elegant! .. Huhuhu..
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