Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dah start dah..! Should i stop him or not?

Wahhhh, i guess the 'moment' that most parents letih melayan is here for me.. I shall start my entry with, 'OMG!'..


I don't know whether my OMG! is because of my condition now or what, but i can't hardly cope with Aidan's new pattern.. OMG! He is everywhere! Hehehe.. He likes what he likes, and if he doesn't get it, he will show some sort of an 'attitude' towards us.. I don't really favor to use the word 'tantrum' and not that my son show any of the characteristics like stubborness, crying none stop until he gets what he wants, or screaming, defiance or angry ranting, such as hitting things and stuff, NO! He doesn't do that, at least not yet, BUT, he has this tendency to knock himself on the head and cry, NOT CRAZY- CRY!.. But it won't take so much time, as my hubby and i would quickly distract him by giving something else, or persuaded him to have interest on other things.. So far, it's kinda working.. But i can't simply tolerate this if we are in public.. It hasn't happened yet, and i am praying that it won't.. I know it's normal for kids to express themselves in such a way, but i don't really favor it, and not looking forward for the event or drama at all.. InsyaAllah.. Well, i can't stop them to be themselves / kids right? Kids will always be kids..

I did ask for opinions from the experts and also did some homework on my own, on kids and their behavior.. You know, just to see whether there are things that i need to be aware of now, not later.. Hehehe.. You know, the changes of the behavior as they grow big, and what should i do if some of the things happened.. I love to learn about kids and how to win them.. :) I came across a lot of stuff, funny ones too.. Something for me to take into account and most probably do something about it.. I am no Superwoman, but i really wanna be my childrens Supermom! InsyaAllah.. :)

According to the experts and some of the materials that i read, i must not stop my son from doing things that he likes.. And the THINGS here refer to his liking, that involve physical activities, like jumping, running, climbing and so on, as he is learning to cope with his new abilities, problem solving skills, being just plain creative, and it tests his thinking, of what should be done and what's next.. Yes, it's good to see them jumping here and there, laughing their heart out, and tease each other, the toddlers way.. Super cute! BUT..

As a mother, i do believe that, i need to control things from now on, not later.. Give them freedom but at the same time put some sort of remarks in their head that say 'you can do this, but not that'.. or 'you can do this, but here's the limit'.. Kids nowadays are exposed to a lot of things and sometimes they tend to answer you back, and my Aidan also is one of them.. He will do this one 'eerrghhh' sound, if i grabbed something from his hand.. He showed me that he truly didn't like it.. That's why i have these 1001 feelings now, as i am trying my best to find the best solution to control my kiddo.. I don't want him to feel that i am a total control freak, but i want him to understand that i'm the boss, the mother, the friend, and not just any friend, i am the BFF, but still you need to follow what i say.. I know it is still early to think about all these like so hard, but i think this is the best time for me to get to know my son even more, and win his heart now.. Again, not later..

I think, the best solution is always be with your kids, and not only be with them, but let them feel that you are part of them, and that your say is what they need to abide and follow, but at the same time they understand why.. Here, the 'negotiation' thing might work.. Just practice heart to heart with them from now on, and eventhough they don't really understand what you're saying, it will still become a great pattern between you and your kids.. Who knows, this pattern might work forever, between the two of you.. :) InsyaAllah.. Ofcoz, it will take some time for it to really work.. :) Here, yelling doesn't work although sometimes we, the parents, memang teruji.. Hehehe.. :P

Dear Aidan,

I am one proud mom to see you happy everyday, and that you are learning new stuff in your own unique way.. :) I love you darling! But i really need you to know your limits, okay??


p/s: Last nite, both of my kiddos were really active.. Aidan tido, but gerak sana gerak sini, and baby sis also gerak sana gerak sini.. Mummy baring with one hand tepuk2 Dan Dan, and the other one gosok2 my new kicik in my tummy.. Hehehe.. Thank you Allah, for the opportunity given to me.. I am so blessed to have them and feel them.. :) Alhamdulillah.. :)
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