Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our weekend : Pre natal massage, Klang family get together, and yes, Art Attack with my Aidan! :)


Ohhh, on Friday, we stayed a nigth at our Achik's.. Daddy got something important to attend to that very night, and suggested for us to stay there, so that Opah, Achik and the kids got to accompany us both, and helped mummy at the same time.. Yes, again, i can't handle him alone anymore.. Taking care of Aidan is fun, but at the same time, tiring.. This is because, he already developed his so called interest in this and that, and most of them involve physical activities such as jumping, running, climbing, climbing, and climbing.. Wait, did i mention, climbing? Yessss, he is so into it and ofcoz, if i were to follow him here and there, i would ended up being 'semput''.. Hehehe..

Thanks to Achik for looking after Aidan for 1 hour, hehehe, so that i could have my own sweet time with 2 of my nieces, Farah and Fatin.. We went for a short minum2, and chit chatiing about stuff, and i could sense that both of them have turned into a mature young ladies.. They responded well to what we talked about, and willing to give hands and suggestion for solutions which some people can't come up with.. This is what family is all about.. And i am thankful to them.. Luv ya guys so much.. :)

So yesterday, hubby came to fetch me and Aidan, and off we went to Klang to see my nenek mengurut.. Thanks to mama and Angah for arranging that massage session for me, and seriously i needed it so bad.. My muscles and everything were testing me.. Seriously sakit, and yesterday, when my nenek ngurut started massaging me, i felt like crying, okay?? Hahaha.. Angah hold my hand and she was laughing but at the same time she tried to put me at ease.. I was all in pain.. But, after that, ofcoz lah rasa ringan and fresh sangat.. :) Thanks nenek.. :)

Ohhh, my baby is doing oh so well.. Alhamdulillah, and i was overwhelmed when nenek first laid her hands on my tummy, she went 'uishhh, anak ni besar ni.. haaa, tengok tuh, dah nak penuh dah..' hehehe.. Yes, she was talking about my princess.. :) She adviced me to cut fried food, or those with fats, and yes, spicy food too.. Baby boleh besar, katanya.. :)

Gathering at Achik Klang's was awesome.. I had never been to Achik's before, and yesterday was my first.. There were a lot of food on the table, and everyone was there to enjoy each other's company.. Aidan was all excited to meet Qa'id and Nana.. Qa'id kept on calling Aidan's name.. Dah pandai dah Abang Qa'id nak ajak Aidan main.. I guess, since he has his baby sister now, sifat 'abang' tuh dah nampak dah, and one smart boy Qa'id is.. I was so amazed with him.. Pandai bercakap and bila his mother said something, he responded well, and the things he talked about, mmg made sense.. Pandai.. :) Angah told me that Nana can already arrange alphabets from A to Z.. Congrats Nana, Makngah is so proud of you.. Nanti ajar Aidan, kay?? She came to Achik's with her mini tudung yesterday.. Hehehe.. So cute! :)

Aidan and Naily.. :)

Amaze jer tgk kura2.. :)

... and so into cats.. :) tapi confused.. bila jumpa cat, Aidan buat bunyi.. "nggaauummmm" sebab dia ingat cat tuh tiger.. hehehe.. :P

Everyone was laughing at him.. He tossed and turn, panjat2.. like none stop! Huiishhh, jenuh! :)

Otw balik.. haaaa, kan dah tido, sebab penat sangat.. *sigh.. Anak mummy sorang nih.. :)

Today, Aidan and i decided to do some art work.. Aidan loves playing with colors and today, instead of using plain paper, i gave her his own canvas, and we proceed with his first masterpiece yang boleh la nak gantung in mummy's room.. :) Hahaha.. Ha ah, bukan bilik Dan Dan, but bilik mummy.. Kekeke.. Today, we played with hand prints ( since this is the easiest work of art with kids under 2 years of age, sebab they really love to squeeze the paint or color all over their palms, and start lah making their masterpeice, calit here and there.. :) But ofcoz first few handprints, mummy kena tolong.. I hold his hands and tunjuk how to do it, ofcoz lah after that.. Aidan still tak tau.. hehehehe.. Dia just tepuk2 jer canvas tuh like really suka..Takper lah, art memang focus so much on expression, bebeh.. Kekekeke..

I thought of leaving his art work just like that, but hubby came inside and when he saw it, he went 'ala, camni jer?'.. and i gave him this 'well, he's only 1 isn't he? what do u expect? :P' look.. Kekeke.. InsyaAllah, later mummy will help you bagi the art work nampak popped and what not okay?? But, i thought of leaving it just like that, as this is his memory, and his art work at 1 year and 4 months old.. Cute!

He just love to have colors on his palm.. He was smiling all the way.. :)

Look at that face.. He was all determined.. :)

Tadaaaaa.. his first 'REAL' masterpiece.. :)

Awesome darling.. Love you!!
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