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The effective way to learn : The Shichida Method!

I am one fussy mom when it comes to finding the right school for my Aidan.. Yup, a lot of things that i need to consider, and ofcoz every mother wants to give the best for the children.. However, i need to look at things differently now, as there are many things that i need to take into account, and trust me, it is not an easy job.. :)

For some parents, sending the children to school at an early age is not a must, and for some, there's no time to waste, and kids nowadays, they go to school at a very early age, trust me, when i said some even go to school at the age of 6 months old.. They call is 'playschool'.. :) Unlike us last time, our parents followed the pattern of sending the kids to kindergarten at the age of 3/4.. But we can't compare those days with today.. Kids today are so advance, and ofcoz i don't want my son to be left behind..

I did a lot of homework, on this play school, and that play school, and even considered to visit them or tried the trial session/ class, just to see whether Aidan able to cope with the rest or not, or at least happy to be there with kids his age.. I came across few classes that focus on different things, but the one attracted me the most is this one: The Shichida Method!

Professor Makoto Shichida

Shichida, is the name of this Japanese professor, founder of this beautiful method of approaching the mind of our kids.. Professor Makoto Shichida was born in 1929. He is a fellow of the International Academy of Education and advisor to the Japan Mathematical Certification Association. He holds a doctorate in education and is a well known public figure in Japan for his numerous contributions to brain research and learning achievements. He was awarded the highest Honorable Merit Prize by the World Science Council in 1997 and the World Peace Prize in 1998. In 2003, he was bestowed the Swedish Academy for Health and Medical Sciences Grand Prize and the Higashiku Ninomiya Invention Award.

Having more than 40 years of research behind him and twenty over years of successful practice, he is leading a worldwide revolution in education which is changing the way we understand children, their brain capabilities and their learning styles.

His training institute emphasizes the importance of parent-child bonding and how this will impact the quality of brain stimulation. He feels that all children are born with unique abilities which are innate and easy to develop with proper training and parental guidance.

Today, there are more than 450 Shichida establishments in Japan and his work is now helping thousands of parents and children in Singapore and Malaysia develop the foundation for future learning success.

Something from Jocelyn Khoo, Director of the Shichida Method..

Every child can excel to be the first rank in the field that he is challenged, has the ability of invention and the will to make a contribution to the world. It is a parent’s responsibility to raise a bright and talented child and to show him how it can be achieved. A child is perfect. How a parent loves a child can influence the quality of his life and his potential. Our task here is to reduce the stress and worry that parents have about raising children.

Many parents may not be exposed to the latest theories and evidence regarding the upbringing of young children. Many may still be reading outdated materials. I was told that a theory is only a theory but when evidence refutes a theory, we must re-examine the theories themselves. In the past, very little is proven about the right way to develop a good and intelligent child.

Today, the 21st Century is called the Century of the Brain. It is the right time now to have babies because The Shichida Method™ is revealing to us how we can bring up a child with less stress, more joy and in a successful manner. Our nation can then have many capable and useful citizens with a strong commitment to serve society and to serve with a great heart and positive mindset.

Some of the testimonials : THAT I LOVE THE MOST!

1. Dear Prof Shichida,

I want to thank you very much for your method to educate my 4 year old daughter, Emily. She truly enjoys your method of learning and has never missed a single lesson thus far. For your info, Emily participated in an invention contest organised by MINDS (Malaysia invention and design society) and won a special award for her invention, a multipurpose musical potty.

What impressed us most is she was able to give presentations and demos about her invention in public without any fear and pressure.

Mrs Haw

2. I can copy a page into my head if I look at it for an instant. Then I read it in my head then, even though the book is closed.

Mihara, 7 years old

3. We are very impressed by her excellent memory and her IQ of 186. We are very confident that The Shichida Method™ has brought out the potential of our children and prepare them to live out their dreams fully in whatever path they choose.

Mrs Lim
Child joined at 24 months old, now age 6

Course Emphasis

•Quality of Parent-Child Relationship
•Sharpness Of Innate Senses
•Photographic Memory Training
•Physical Stimulation
•High-Speed Absorption Training
•Creative Potential
•Foreign/Multiple Language Stimulation
•Humanity Studies
•Personality Development

Types of Programme

You might think that these kids are learning under pressure, NO! They don't.. The Shichida method focus so much on games and exercises, and i think since Aidan is Visual and Kinesthetic learner, this is something that may benefit him in the long run.. :) I guess, through movement and stuff, he is learning and keep them well in his brain.. At least, that's what they always say about this Shichida Method.. It teaches your brain to do spectacular things, or even thinking.. :)

You need to read this, too long for me to paste it here.. If i do that, then i should change the title of the blog then.. the Shichida Method jer.. kekeke.. -

For more info, please visit :

Yes, the fee is quite expensive, compared to other kindy and stuff, and i am not saying that i am sending Aidan there, or i am not.. This is my homework on this so called 'incredible programme' for my son.. I am praying for good, and i am thinking of it.. Something great, need to be shared.. It may benefit us, and may benefit you too.. :)

However, i am looking forward to join the seminar, conducted for the parents, in order to learn what this method is all about.. And to be frank my lovely mommies, seats for the kids are limited, as they only accept 6 kids in a class, and as i was chit chatting with one of the staff, i got to know that we need to queue just to register our kids, and if i decided to send my Aidan, then October it is.. Hahaha.. Giler lah! :)

But, the great news is that, i have quite some time to study other approach to teach him things too, and who knows, i am the next founder of my so called method plak.. Kekeke.. :P Then, FOC it is.. :P Kekeke..

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