Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jejak kasih - After 14 long years!

Hehehe.. Pagi2 lagi mummy got a surprise from Aunty Aida.. She tagged me in her FB photo album, and as i was looking at the pics of our meet up last weekend, i suddenly smiled, sebab terbaca her caption : Jejak Kasih! Hehehe.. So sweet..

Actually Aunty Aida, and her family, is like a family to me.. Her mother is such a loving person, and i always envy Aunty Aida and her siblings, sebab diorang ni very close to one another, and kalau masuk twitter, you can witness how close they are.. Hehehe.. Chumel jer.. Mummy kenal the family way back in Kedah.. Masa tuh mummy still in my secondary school, and Aunty Aida sebaya ngan mummy.. We became close after few meet ups, sebab masa tuh mummy selalu jumpa the family at 'Cyerlife' aka cyber cafe di City Plaza.. Their family business thingy..

I have no idea of what happened (mungkin after masing2 dah masuk U, pindah etc) mummy dah tak tau macam mana nak contact diorang.. And rupa2nya, the family pun carik2 mummy.. Hehehe.. Thanks to my anak buah, Siti Sarah Ibrahim, sebab through her FB, Kak Emma (the eldest) came across my FB, and added me up.. Haaaaa, jadi lah sesi jejak kasih, with her mummy pun dalam lists mummy, uncle and the rest of the siblings.. Hahaha.. :) Serious, memang jejak kasih! :)

So, last week mummy brought Aidan to meet with them, and what a nice feeling i had when i saw them.. Aunty asked Aidan to call her Tok Mummy.. Now, Aidan ada Opah, Tokma, and Tok Mummy.. :) Hehehe.. Cute! Tok mummy Aidan siap tanya mummy, 'bila due?', as she wanted to be there masa mummy nak deliver.. She insisted to wait for me.. How sweet.. :) Such a loving person Tok Mummy Aidan ni.. :)

The sweetest thing about the family is that, Aunty and Uncle tak ada anak lelaki, and ada 4 girls.. Aunty Emma, Aunty Aida, Aunty Farah, and Aunty Fatin.. The youngest is Fatin.. Last sekali mummy ingat Fatin, she was only 8.. Skang dia dah masuk MMU, and bila mummy sampai, she wasn't around.. Mummy pictured her macam ala2 8 tahun tuh lagi, but when she arrived, she was even taller than me.. Boleh nak angkat mummy tau.. Kekekeke..

Oh, how i heart you guys so much.. Thanks for everything aunty, uncle and girls! We really had fun, meeting up with you guys, and aunty's laksa utara memanglah yummy! I shall come back for more.. Hahaha.. :P See ya guys in 2 weeks time.. InsyaAllah, this time, it's gonna be at my place.. :)

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