Saturday, January 29, 2011

Little accident and Princess Rozana's 1st Royal Birthday.. :)

Accident? Yup.. What a day for me.. I was all panicked.. I thought, the accident might involved stitches and what not.. I was everywhere, running here and there, but then blank sekejap.. As i hold him, i saw him crying.. Blood was everywhere on his face, especially his mouth! God, i was so panicked!

Saturday morning, as usual, all 3 of us would go down for some breakfast, and startlah usha here and there.. What chores that we could proceed with, and selalunya, laundry time lah.. Both hubby and i were busying ourselves with breakfast and some morning chores.. Aidan was there with us the whole time.. I was doing the dishes in my wet kitchen, when suddenly i heard him crying for no reason! I thought he wanted more ice cream from his daddy, since like few minutes before, hubby came to me with some ice cream.. I was so wrong, ofcoz he cried for some reason, at least a reason, and it was definitely not ice cream.. :(

Okay, to cut it short, Aidan slipped and he hit his mouth on the stairs railing.. Not that he fell off the stairs, but that accident enough to turn me into one panic + out of control mom.. His upper lip was swollen and i guess mungkin sebab he cut himself deep, or terkoyak or something.. I had no idea, but it looked really bad at that time.. Gigi ker yang patah? Hai, macam2 mummy fikir.. Without wasting more time, hubby and i rushed him to the nearest clinic in BJ, and the first question daddy asked the doctor was 'Nak kena stitch tak?' because we prayed sangat2, jangan la sampai kena stitch.. Poor my baby! :(

Nasib baik the doc told us that Aidan was lucky sebab the cut was not that deep, but his bibir koyak sedikit and that she needed to remove kulit bibir bahagian dalam tuh, so that she could rinse it, and for us to apply this one cream, nak bagi mudah Aidan minum susu later.. Yes, his latching pun mesti affect juga.. Lega sangat when we heard the news, and right after jumpa doctor, mummy tengok Aidan dah senyum2, and gelak2 balik, like nothing happened.. But seriously, if dekat rumah tadi, the blood takder lah banyak sangat, and the cut pun nampak not that serious, takderlah mummy and daddy panick semacam.. Biasalah bila besarkan budak, macam2 yang kita kena expect, and usually bab2 jatuh, terlanggar benda, luka sana sini, terhantuk kepala adalah normal.. But still, kita kena beringat.. And bila dah nampak darah yang banyak, i guess all parents pun akan freaked out! Huh!

We still proceed with our plan to go to my friend's daugter 1st party.. Mula2 ingat dah tak nak join them sebab fikirkan Aidan pagi tuh, but Aidan showed me that dia okay jer, and he was active back right after jumpa doctor and dah nak main2.. Bila observed him and i know dia okay, off we went to the party.. Dapat mummy jumpa Aunty Yana, my former classmate kat UiTM dulu, when i did my ID.. Aunty Evie was there too, with her sis and that gorgeous Zara, her daughter.. It's just a small reunion for us, sebab yang lain2 kitorang tak kenal.. Hehehe.. Glad to meet her and dapat contact balik.. Yup, Dayang jer yang takder.. Kalau Dayang ada, dah cukup dah gang kitorang masa ID dulu.. Dayang is in Melaka right now.. We miss her!

The party was great, the food pun yummy.. We stayed for a while, sebab tiba2 daddy pun macam tak berapa nak sihat badan dia.. he suddenly asyik sneeze jer.. Daddy kitorang susah nak makan ubat.. Hehehe.. Then, off we went back to KJ.. Jumpa Tokba and Tokma.. Ingatkan nak balik KJ on Sunday.. Tapi sebab Tokba and Tokma ada di rumah, kitorang singgah jap.. We spent our time there, watching American Idol sambil makan malam.. Tokba went to the night market and got us some food.. Lama mummy tak makan laksa KJ.. Hehehehe.. Thanks Tokba! :)

Look at him, my rock star.. Ni gambar bila dah siap nak ke party.. So, no worries, takder gambar2 luka, darah etc.. Hehehe..

Bibir atas actually swollen sket, but tak berapa nampak sebab bengkak tuh bahagian dalam..

On our way.. Camner nak baik kalau pegang apa pun, nak gigit, nak letak kat mulut.. Huhuhu..

Okay dah sampai.. This is Princess Rozana! She is 1 now!

Zara, her mummy calls her 'masham'.. hehehe..

Still semangat nak main.. :)

Excited to see 'cats'!

Hehehe.. those yang budget ringan.. Kekeke..

Nampak tak swollen lip tuh..

Dah active balik, nak berkawan.. :) One peramah boy now, Aidan nih.. :)

With Aunty Evie and Zara.. :)

The birthday girl with her tiara.. Super cute!

Same year.. Nanti besar sama2, pegi sekolah pun same year.. :)

Looking around rumah orang is his new passion.. Hehehe.. :P


Yummy! birthday cake!

With other kids.. :) OMG! I rasa dia dah besar, my Aidan.. :)

One happy family.. Yana, Rozana, and Oza! :)

P/s: Thanks for having us, guys! :) Mmuuax!
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