Sunday, January 30, 2011

For Kinesthetic Learner.. Let them touch the materials, rather than see or hear them.. :) Get to know your kids, before applying any VAK approaches.. :)

Seeeeelamat Pagi, cikgu! (ala2, sekolah Upin Ipin!)

Sekolah Upin Ipin?? Tak, nih on, Sekolah Cikgu Mummy! Hehehe.. Aidan's weekend class with mummy! Yes sayang.. this is your cikgu mummy.. Now, belajor!

Alhamdulillah, sesi belajar Aidan dah start.. Mummy take charge, sebab fussy dok carik play school kat Aidan, hanya satu yang menarik perhatian mummy.. But ofcoz, minat nak hantar Aidan tuh memang ada, since tengok some of my friends nyer kids, able to converse or at least show progress yang sangat2 la cemerlang.. Wahhh, cemerlang lagi! Kekeke.. Biasalah, bahasa cikgu2.. :P Kekeke.. Perasan! But banyak benda nak kena consider, and the one mummy sangat2 interested tuh, mungkin dapatlah jawapan on September.. Akhir tahun jugalah kalau kitorang lucky enough to get a seat.. Queue punya panjang.. Berbaloi perhaps, sebab sini jer yang nak the parents to really get themselves involved, and when it comes to my son's education, ofcozlah mummy kalau boleh nak duduk sekali dalam class, tgk how my kid react and respond to his school work.. But ofcoz no pressure here.. Sebab kids should learn and at the same time, have some fun! :)

Okay, now.. Mummy decided to come up with my own class for my son.. Nothing much, sebab mummy pun masih belajar macam mana nak start train kids under 2 to learn things.. Kalau baca from internet, you gonna get a lot of info.. Macam2 approach diorang guna, but i use the one i feel much more suitable for my kid.. I did some research on him and from my observation and few people that have knowledge on this, Aidan is Kinethetic learner.. So, i studied the best approach to teach the KL kids.. Since i am still learning myself, i am not saying that what i am doing now is 100% right, but for me, teaching my son to learn things that i think suitable for him and that he likes it, is actually good enough and the best approach ever.. Sebab we really wanna have fun through learning.. :)

Aidan's weekend class with mummy touches on few subjects or things, but i don't like to use a lot of time teaching him.. Nope, what i meant here is that i don't like to use long period of time to teach him one subject.. Basically, i'm gonna take only 15 minutes of his time to teach him something, and let him have his own time after that.. Nak tido ker, nak tengok tv ker, nak play his toys ker, and then, bila mummy nak dia belajar balik, i will simply sembang2 ngan dia.. Tanya dia this and that, just to refresh him, and maybe start another 15 mins class, without him noticing it.. Kalau kita buat like too formal with his meja and stuff, he would feel boring instantly.. That's why, with my Aidan, we studied everywhere.. Tak nak ajar dia study at proper place lagi.. Bukan apa, i want him to enjoy his learning process, and to be frank, this is one of the characteristics of kids who are Kinesthetic Learner.. They can't seat at one place like lama2.. Diorang suka move around, and it is our job, not to scold them, or ask them to follow what we want.. If we study hard on our kids, we should adapt with his learning acceptance, and try to cope with it.. And perhaps slowly, ajak dia follow our pattern lak, but slowly.. :)

Our weekend class berubah2.. Sometimes we had art class, flash card class, dancing and singing class, and etc.. Sometimes tuh we converse jer ngan dia, and ask him to respond to what we say.. Show him something and ask him to say it back, or at least we do something and wait for him to respond or at least imitate.. Macam2 lah cara nak ajar kids now.. Yang kelakar tuh, we make it a pattern to say 'thank you' to pak guard sambil angkat tangan, everytime kitorang passed the guard post.. Every morning gak Aidan would raise his hands towards pak guard.. Hehehe.. Imitation, i just love it! :)

Since Aidan is KInesthetic Learner, i got to learn that he likes to move around, and touches things.. He learns a lot through physical contact and visualization.. Those colorful things attracted him so much, and that's why art is what he is into.. So, last week we went to get him rubber- figuring animals (we've got like many different animals at RM10 only.. Thanks to Tesco! hehehe) and we use them to teach Aidan about animals.. We did try the flash cards approach, and usually we use them in the car, on the way nak ke mana2.. Daddy would be the teacher, if i were to drive the car.. Hehehe.. But, at home, we prefer for him to touch the things and have a closer look at them.. So far, baru 2 classes on this -figuring animals thingy with mummy nih.. And i am looking for more classes with him..

All of our classes are fun ones.. I don't have that much of time to spend with him.. My time for him usually on weekend jer.. But his classes are actually everyday.. Mostly, flash cards dalam kete jer, every morning.. Hehehe.. But his real classes are on weekends.. Kalau kitorang outing pun, we will try to use other approach to teach him things.. :)

This is my style of teaching my son, and i am not saying that it's gonna work for everyone and that my son is doing very very very good, ya.. Hehehe.. he is doing his best and for me, that is good enough.. And i am so proud of him.. :) Aidan learns at his own pace, without any pressure and all.. Yang mana dia dapat, dia dapat lah.. But yang mana dia refuse, then he won't learn it now.. Mungkin amik masa.. So, kalau u ask him to point to chicken, and he points to alligator tuh, biasaaaalahhhh! Hehehe.. At least the exposure is there.. At least.. :)

Okay, nak share lawak pagi nih.. Our 'Show Cikgu Mummy' class! Hehehe.. :)

From my FB:

Mummy & Aidan's class 2day : using rubber- figuring animals. for kinesthetic kids!

M: aidan, show mummy cat..
A show : SOMETIMES BETUL (yeah!), SOMETIMES SALAH.. ikut suker hati jer..! hehe..
M : now, aidan show mummy chicken.. (sambil buat bunyik chick chick chicken!!)
A : haaaaa, amik ko, dia bagi mummy alligator! hahahaha

pas2, TEPUK TANGAN SENDIRI.. YEAH! sebab ingat betul.. huhuhu.. ( mummy garu2 kepala yg x gatal nih ) :P Hahaha.. Lucky, baru second class.. Hehehe.
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