Sunday, January 2, 2011

One handsome boy he is.. Achu loves you, Haikal... :)

Haikal is ready for it.. Bring it on! :)

Yeahhh, tomorrow is gonna be Haikal's official first day to school.. Today he had this so called orientation whereby the teachers brought them around the school area, and explaining things so that they understand how things work there.. Besides that, the students were also asked to wear their proper school uniform and what a proud achu, mummy was, i asked him to give me few poses, and deep down, i was both happy and excited for him..

How time really envy us.. Baru smalam mummy rasa mummy dukung Haikal sambil panggil dia 'buah dukung achu' since i love to eat the fruit like few months before my sister gave birth to him.. And now, not only he is one bright kid, with a lot of things to say, and very IT alert, and games alert, and part yang kelakar, there's one time tuh, he will speak only english when he is playing his XBox - and lepas main, cakap melayu balik.. Hehehe.. Even my hubby really amazed with him.. Hehehe.. Oh, my Haikal, you are one big boy now.. Dah masuk standard one, dah consider as a big bro to Nurin, Wawa, Aidan.. :)

I wish you the best, sayang.. Achu loves you so much.. :)

p/s: Aidan really loves having you around at Opah's, and i can feel that you will be the next Abang Ibrahim to him.. You surely has this one spot in his heart.. :)

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