Sunday, January 2, 2011

Projects to welcome 2 of 2011's babies.. :) We support our Abang Ibrahim!

I know, i have a lot of projects pending to post here, and not that i choose not to post sebab tak abis (hahahaha, just lambat siap, dah mengah mode) and ada few yang nak surprise!! But you know that few projects memang dah jalan right? Sikit2 lah i selit di sini.. :) Hehehe.. Probably once everything dah settle, with my baby pun dah selamat dilahirkan, i will post one by one.. All the projects that i did, to welcome her.. :) But, jangan la fikir yang bombastic and whatsoever kay? Something simple, buat sendiri, tak costly, haaaaa.. itu adalah saya! Hehehe.. :P Kalau tunjuk sekarang, dah tak surprise la later.. Better i bagi baby H yang witness dulu.. Hehehehe.. :P

Okay, now nak citer pasal projects untuk babies 2011.. Yang i kenal la.. I have a few friends yang pregnant bersama2, and 4 juga yang dah 'disbursed'.. Hehehe.. :P Congratulations to Zura, Zaihan, Aiza and Amy.. 3 girls and 1 boy babies, but jatuh 2010 nyer version.. Hehehe.. And 2011, tinggal my beautiful friend, Lisa (miss you beb!) and yours truly.. She is expecting a prince with beautiful name, and i am expecting my princess, with a name that suits her son.. Huh?? Kekekeke.. Tak2, this is not a set up lah.. Just kidding! So, Lisa suggested for us to come up with gifts exchange thingy, just to celebrate the arrival of the babies, and what a nice thought, right? So, i said 'yes!'..

Tup2, this hot mommy terus dah belikan kitorang something, siap untuk mummy sekali lagi.. Hahahaha.. which i think it is wayyyyy toooo early! Hehehehe.. Lajunyer mummy sorang nih.. Hehehe.. She informed me, and i quickly decided to proceed with my gifts as soon as possible.. But mine, as usual, is ofcoz those yang very sweet indeed, and kalau boleh buat sendiri, lagi i suka.. Hahaha.. Sebab the sentimental part is there.. Fikir punya fikir, then i remember my projects with Abang Ibrahim, Aidan's cousins.. Terus i agreed to selit Lisa's babies name sekali, and InsyaAllah, later siaplah our gifts for them.. Nothing fancy, but something sweet indeed.. Nanti Aidan ada 1, baby H ada 1, Kaira (Lisa's daughter, same age as Aidan) ada 1, and baby E pun ada 1!- Cute!

And this project is one awesome project! And i am sure, Aunty Lisa will just love it.. Thanks to my nephew, Ibrahim! :D His business yang mendapat support all of my family members.. Good job, Abang (as everyone call him.. :)) Later if ada yang berminat (maybe you, Byzura!- my friend who is now pregnant too.. yup, blogger.. yer Byzura, takkan tak kenal.. hehehehe), you can let us know.. Simple project, tak costly and very sweet for your loved ones.. :)

p/s: Later bila siap, i shall post it here, and ofcoz once our babies dah keluar.. Hahaha.. Since Lisa's boy due a lil bit awal, in Feb, and mine in March.. Kalau post Lisa's version dulu, nanti tak surprise la for baby H! Hehehehe.. :P Later kay??

See ya!
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