Monday, February 7, 2011

Celebrating Daddy! We brought John Lennon Junior, for him! Hahaha..

Just let the happy faces, express the happiness we have for him.. It's a good start for everything.. InsyaAllah, daddy.. :)

To all my loved ones, family and in laws, thanks for all the support you have shown and given to me and my hubby.. We thank you for all the hard works, all the helps and thoughts.. May Allah bless each and every one of you.. In the picture : My nephews : Hafiz, Ibrahim and Mamat.. Nieces : Farah, Fatin and Farisha.. Not in the picture, Neat Lee.. :) We both missed you on that day.. :) Again, Congrats daddy! :)

Jom Tutti Frutti!! :)

Showing off his new botak style.. Hehehe.. Mamat went all out this time.. Hehehe.. :P

Playing all cool, our Abang Hafiz and Abang Ibrahim.. :)

Mummy and Daddy's John Lennon Junior.. Hehehe.. :)

Joh Lennon mood : Beautiful Boy

Artist : John lennon

Later will update the youtube! :)
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