Friday, February 4, 2011

Cool packaging - but if we are serious on kids clothing, we might want to upgrade the packaging to suit the concept, probably white or polka dots box with pink or blue ribbons.. :)

We might not only come up with regular t shirt.. For kids, we might want to come up with funky and playful t, that has glitters, buttons, ribbons, or maybe something with bow.. Well, let' see okay?? and yes, those nursery rhymes t is one great idea, right?! :) Please, make your order now!

cool! :)

Hello! Hello! - Promoting Bemz Property!

Hi.. uishhh, lamanyer my blog nih tak terupdate.. Hehehe.. Well, cerita Gomg Xi Fa Cai kitorang akan diupdate later.. Now, mummy nak cerita pasal 'hello2'.. Kekeke..

Well, the projects with Abang Ibrahim dah siap and we already received them.. Yeahhh! But mummy ingat nak update later.. But hari nih, bila kemas2 barang sumer, and i saw them again, rasa tak sabar nak tunjukkan hasil kreativiti cousin Aidan, Abang Ibrahim.. :) My goodness, everything nampak so professionally made, and kalau gini lah hasil keje Abang Ibrahim, memang boeh buat business on kids clothing lak.. I have so many ideas to share with him, and the best part is that, siap with packaging, and bukan plastic tuh ok?? Kekeke..

Okay lah, mai la mummy nak share sket apa project kitorang nih.. Hehehe.. I came up with an idea to prepare our first family T, just to welcome our coming adik.. And my nephew agreed to help me.. So, i told him what i wanted and he would do the rest.. He found us the right picture, font, concept and i just love everything about this project.. :) I read somewhere that it is great for us to prepare gifts for our kids, from the newborn baby, and in our case, to prepare a gift from Baby H to Dan Dan, as a thank you note for having her as a sister, and glad to be part of us.. :) And i decided to come up with another gift, from Dan Dan to her sister lak, as a welcome note and how excited we are to have her around after this.. :) I just love their gifts, and i think it will help them to really bond, walaupun both masih kecil and maybe tak really understand things, but kalau i tengok Aidan now, dia pun cepat jer rasa something bila mummy hold other babies.. Dia pun nak datang suruh mummy angkat dia.. It means that, dia sedar sebenarnyer, and rasa insecure in a way.. So, mummy tak nak anak sulung mummy nanti rasa macam left out or something.. Mummy nak Aidan happy to accept new sister, friend, and his BFF some more, lepas ni.. :) And since they are all personalized (thanks to Baem :)), memanglah memorable habis.. :)

Okay, my nephew ada buat business T- shirt, and you can ask him to design t shirts for any occasions.. Business from rumah, kecil- kecilan, but we are looking for a bright business for sure.. Promotion on this business memang sangatlah active, especially in their website and even FB.. Masa mummy asked Abang Ibrahim to show me the full concept, he suddenly posted the pictures on my FB wall, and cepat2 mummy deleted them sebab nak surprisekan nama baby H, but few of my friends ada gak yang sempat tengok, and they were drooling over the T's.. Yup, ada yang sempat order.. Hehehe.. Thanks for the support.. :)

Okie dokie, for those yang nak order this t's for your kids, please email me at : :)

p/s: We are waiting for Aidan's Deftones and Metallica t shirt from Abang Ibrahim.. He said, Metallica, on the house! Wahhh, Business sudah maju ka?? kekeke.. :) Thanks nephew! :P Here are the pics, and order tau.. Just tell us the concet that u want.. :) Bye!

From sister to brother and brother to sister :)

Mummy and daddy's version.. Yer, kitorang pun nak gak.. Kekeke.. :P

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