Thursday, February 24, 2011

For his records.. :)

My Aidan is learning at his own pace.. And i am so proud to see his progress.. I know some of you have kids yang dah pandai itu ini, isn't it great?? Yes, aunty tau Mia pandai.. hehehe.. Mia is Siti's daughter.. My blogger friend.. :)

Okay Aidan, at your age now, Aidan dah boleh and minat all these:

His only few words.. :)

Mummy and Daddy's version : baik- baik (when Aidan berdiri sipi2 tepi katil, we would say, "Aidan, baik2"..

Aidan's version : bek-bek - hahahaha!

Mummy and Daddy's version : duduk (when we want him to seat, tak nak panjat2)

Aidan's version : dok, dok.. (yup, her would repeat it :))

Mummy and Daddy's version : sudah (after we finished with something, we would say 'sudah/ dah')

Aidan's version : dah.. (especially after he completed something macam switched on the lights, he would say 'dah'.. :)

Mummy and Daddy's version : tak nak

Aidan's version : nak nak (yer, kalau dia nak, nak tuh jadi 3 kali.. nak nak nak.. haaa, yang tuh kalau nak.. kalau tak nak, tinggal nak nak jer.. ) kekeke..

* When he said 'nak nak nak', mummy tanya, "Nak apa?? Mummy tak faham Aidan nak apa".. if he wants his drinks and what not, we will say the word, "Nak susu/ air" and sometimes he follows.. :)

His current fav things.. :)

  • his educational toys (animals and fruits)

  • laptop

  • ball

  • musical instruments, just name it.. dia suka.. :)

  • tv commercials

  • Fisher Price online edu games

  • nursery rhymes/ songs.. and TV3 song :P

His current fav activities

  • swim! :)

  • dance

  • climbing and more climbing

  • learning, yes, to encourage him to learn, i put all his edu toys in his school bag, and whenever he sees his school bag, he would drag the bag and ask me to open it.. just to create excitement for him to learn.. :)

His current fav songs

  • Ibu, ibu, engkaulah ratu hati ku.. hehehe.. he would smile selebar- lebarnyer.. :)

  • I love you from Barney

  • If you're happy and you know it.. :)) You should see my baby stomp his foot.. :)

Able to respond to orders

  • Take off your shirt / buka baju

  • Take off your pants / buka seluar

  • Show mummy 'cat' 'fish' etc..

Able to imitate what we say

  • I love you..

  • Jom!

and more.. ikut mood.. hehehe.. :)

BUT, my son don't undertand what is NO! NO NO NO, dia buat tak tau jer.. Yer, bila tak nak dengar cakap.. Ayoyoyo.. :P

Awesome 1 year and 5 months old!
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