Saturday, February 26, 2011

Almost there, princess.. :)

Alhamdulillah, yesterday during our check up at DEMC, mummy got to see my darling H, and what a great surprised, she gained her weight like almost 1 kg in 2 weeks, and you, my darling is 2.7 kg now.. :) Best nyer, since mummy memang selalu doakan anak mummy besar sikit or at least gained your ideal weight brfore your coming EDD. :) yeahhhh!

Mummy also got tetanus injection.. Ooooouuchhhh, sakit! :) But i acted cool for sure.. Hehehehe.. :)

We are looking for another 20+ days, and actually anytime now jer yang.. Mummy is already in my 9 months pregnancy, and basically, you are matured and pretty much ready already.. :) Just that, if possible, we stick to our original plan okay, darling.. :) I love you, and daddy and aidan love you too.. Daddy just can't wait to see you, but mummy said 'no', let her take her own sweet time, and when the time comes, it would be a beautiful one.. :)

Love you princess !!

p/s: Congrats to Lissa, baby Eusoff is sooo cute! We just can't wait to see you guys today.. :) See ya!
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