Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet sweat! :)

Since last week, hubby kept on saying that he would like to do something with our garden.. Yup, he meant well, sebab he was all out with the idea nak tanam rumput sendiri.. Hehehe.. Yes, jangan terkejut! Kekeke.. At first, not that i tak nak support and what not, but with my condition now, i know it's hard for him to focus on the garden as i mesti needed him to take care of our active son.. Tak nak lah bila he was all energized nak berkerja, i would call him out for help.. But since we have no other choice, hehehe, proceed juga lah daddy with his plan, and ofcoz kena gak attend to mummy, if i were to ask for any help.. :)

Hubby started off with the idea, by digging up small holes right infront of our door to the garden, and i kept on saying that jangan terlalu besar hole tuh, because this is only for trial.. And just to see whether this first attempt manjadi.. :) And as he started to dig it, he couldn't stop.. Hehehe.. Dapat gak lah holes yang boleh tahan besarnyer.. Enough for trial.. :) Yes, we need to dig the hole agak dalam sebab nak make sure akar2 lalang and rumput liar tadi pun dapat cabut, if not, memang later rumput yang tumbuh akan jadi agak kasar, and may also welcome more and more duri and what not.. We are looking forward to let our kids to play there, freely.. Tak nak lah macam sekarang.. Aidan nak jer lari sana and sini, and ofcoz mummy kena kejar kat belakang, since duri and lalang liar yang agak banyak kat our garden tuh.. Afraid that he would fall down and injured himself.. Huhuhu..

Not only the effort dapat jimatkan our 'kachingggg' , but it's a good exercise for hubby.. Petang2 buat aktiviti macam ni.. Yup, sweet activity for our home, and definitely a sweet sweat!.. Ofcoz, the other person yang enjoyed like so much was Aidan.. He was everywhere, macam dia pun bekerja.. Daddy and mummy larang dia pun dia tak kisah.. We let him play ball but ofcoz apa yang daddy buat, yang tuh yang dia pun nak buat.. Well, he is his daddy's son.. :) Daddy kesiankan mummy sebab termengah2 with the kicik in my tummy and our dear son, and decided to let him play 'splash2' in his pool.. Huh, lega!

Suka lah anak tuh sorang.. Main air, berendam, and buat bubbling some more dalam air.. Haiii, tak tau lah belajar mana.. We laughed out loud, just looking at him.. He is such a big boy now.. :) Ofcoz, looking at our son yang best jer main air, the parents pun decided to join.. Hahaha.. Leaving the digging work tergendala for a while.. Hahaha.. And Aidan was so happy with mummy and daddy in the pool.. :) Hehehe.. One nice family activity with our kid, and he enjoyed our presence like soooo much! :)

Hubby started to dig dig dig.. Kesiannn.. :)

Hehehe.. Aidan was running here and there, and he got his first warning from daddy.. Look at his face, macam tak bersalah.. hehehe.. :P

To distract him, mummy ajak main ball jer.. :) But main ngan girl, tak sebest main ngan Abang Hafiz, Abang Ibrahim and Mamat.. :P

Nak gak tengok daddy buat apa.. Hehe.. One curious boy.. :)

Haaaa, dah start lah tuh.. Baling ball masuk dalam lubang.. Bukan lubang goal nih, yang.. :P

Haaaa, nasib baik daddy tak marah, and tolong ambik jer, sebab daddy ingat Aidan ter kick masuk dalam hole.. Hahaha.. Lepas daddy tgk gambar atas, baru daddy tau nanti.. Hahaha.. :P

Something to distract him.. Main jer dalam pool.. :P

Siap buat bubbling.. Huhuhu.. Saper ajar nih?? :P

Amaze jer anak sorang nih.. Hehehe.. :P

Daddy yang ala2 nak join.. Yes, daddy yang paling excited sebenarnyer.. :P Kekeke..

Haaaa, kan mummy dah kata.. Kakakaka.. :P Last2, keje tergendala gak.. Kekeke.. :P
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