Thursday, February 10, 2011

When climbing is not an option! Yer lah tuh! Hahaha.. :)

Tipu lah kalau mummy kata anak mummy sorang nih, at the age if 1 year and almost 5 months nih, takder this so called 'passion' towards 'climbing'.. Hehehe.. Huhuhu.. Passion is such a powerful word, tapi kena lah juga dengan his determination when it comes to climbing here and there, bagi mummy nyer jantung macam nak luruh jer, and with my tummy now, rasa cam nak tergolek jer setiap kali my son buat aksi dia, and mummy cuba nak selamatkan si anak.. Haiiiii.. :P

Tak kisah la nak panjat apa pun.. Apa saja yang di depan mata, and reachable, akan dia guna untuk lift himself up.. Okay, in a way, i know that he is one tough boy, and that he learns something tiap kali dia panjat here, and cuba that.. BUT, jenuh la, and memang tak sesuai la nak buat aksi2 macam ni, IF we were at someone else's.. Especially kalau ada reunion.. Mak aiii, bisa bikin hati mak panas.. Kekeke.. :)

From tangga, to his rides kat rumah.. From tangga again, to his playpen.. And from tangga again, to his bakul susu.. Aiiii, macam2.. Can you believe how active he has become..? Kalau dulu, tak nak active2 sangat, nak main pun sendiri2, tak nak sangat orang lain pegang dia.. Now, not anymore, this little fella, will do almost anything to get your attentions.. Walaupun he didn't say so, but with his action, kita yang akan pay extra attention to him.. Hahahaha.. Mana tak nyer, activity merbahaya nih, selalu bagi mummy and daddy dia duduk dalam keadaan tak keruan.. Nak tinggal dia like few minutes alone pun memang tak lah.. We will make sure he seats or play right infront of our eyes.. Yer, my son is soooo active now.. And you will definitely feel his active vibes whenever you are around him.. :)

I still remember when my friend commented on her FB, about kids and she said something like "It's better to have a child who is very active, going places, rather than kids who like to stay put, behave oh so well.. And if he or she is not that active, we the parents should then be really worried.." *Hmmm, i have no say on this, nak kata apa pun tak tau, sebab kids who are not that active may learn things differently.. Betul tak?? So, apa2 pun, kids have their own way to express things, and if he or she is still learning walaupun tak lompat sana, lompat sini, then no worries.. :)

p/s: Ada few events yang bagi mummy and daddy takut sangat bila Aidan mula nak panjat2, and daddy kata 'mummy, tak nak amik gambar ker, tunjuk Aidan how active he is masa kicik2 nih??' and i went 'no wayyy, sebab nak amik gambar saje amik masa, ada anak i jatuh dulu.. pastu sebab menyesal, gambar tadi tuh, better cuci and makan jer'.. kekeke.. Yer, gambar yang dimaksudkan adalah untuk situasi semalam, whereby my son panjat from our day bed, to his playpen, but sementara nak masuk playpen, he sat kat tengah2 pemegang playpen, and anytime jer boleh terbalik, either inside the playpen itself, or simply to the floor! Haaaaa, tak ker luruh jantung nih?? Ayoyoyoyo.. :P

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