Thursday, March 31, 2011

A lot to update! Oh, yeah!

Hello all! Miss you guys so much! and i miss my blog dearly.. :)

Hmmmm, a lot to update, on this and that.. Well, we are here, back in Cahaya SPK! :) Home sweet home! :) and ofcoz our stays in Shah Alam for the past 1 week really helped me a lot, in terms of preparing myself physically and mentally, in taking care of my Hessa on my own once balik Cahaya.. :) Thanks to my family yang banyak membantu during our stays at Opah's.. :)

As for now, my in laws come like everyday just to be with us.. Aidan sometimes just stay in, and sometimes balik rumah Opah.. Kesian anak mummy sorang tuh.. How i wish mummy kuat and dapat jaga both of my kiddos on my own, but at this time around, memang tak dapat nak cope with both of them.. Aidan pun kuat memanjat and lari sana sini, and ofcoz kalau mummy nak jaga both of them, mummy pun sama terlari sana lari sini.. Hehehe.. Yes kakakku, Sha, i am all amaze with you.. Dapat jaga Zach and Hannah on your own! Well done! :)) Yup, gap Zach and Hannah exactly sama like gap between Aidan and Hessa.. :)

Since lately nih busy sangat with my pantang and my Hessa, dah lama mummy tak update my blog, and i have a lot to update here.. On my birthday, Aidan's first hair cut ( yang mummy missed :P ), first experience taking care of my baby girl ( what to expect if you got yourself a baby girl ), Hessa's progressions and milky2 - challenges ( just like her brother Aidan ) and so many more.. :)

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