Friday, April 1, 2011

There's nothing to be worried about, mummy! Hehehe.. :)

Hmmm, this entry is all about my first experience, handling a baby girl.. There's so much to expect, and ofcoz i learned a lot! Alhamdulillah, Hessa is a very easy baby to handle.. She doesn't like to cry with no reason, and sleeping seems to be her fav! Hahaha.. No lah, all babies are like that, but my Hessa's sleeping pattern memang helps mummy a lot.. In short, mummy can do a lot of house chores, and laundry nowadays seem to be so much fun! Hehehe.. Pagi membasuh, by petang siap berlipat, and she is still sleeping.. Hehehe.. :) Yup, not to worry.. mummy just buat keje sikit2 yang mana termampu.. :) My pantang is awesome!

I have a lot of friends yang ada baby girl, but tak pernah nak tanya diorang what should i expect bila dapat baby girl.. I selalu jer rasa it's gonna be the same, just like how i handle a baby boy.. Hahaha, yup, sama but hampir tak serupa! :P Kekeke.. Pening? Kekeke.. Masa tau dapat baby girl, ofcoz yang terlintas semuanya on material things, baju2 girl yang cute- mute, handbags and heels for girls! Hehehe.. Yup, yang tuh jer yang terlintas.. :P But bila i dapat jer Hessa, haaaa, macam2 yang kena expect sebenarnyer.. So, i choose to share this entry with my readers, yang mungkin tengah expect a baby girl.. Takderlah when the thing happens, you jadi nervous, panic and what not.. :) ( few of my readers and bloggers yang i tau tgh pregnant skang : Baizura, Alya) Hope it helps!

1. Baby girl circumcision : Yup, here, i choose not to tell whether i am going to circumcise Hessa or not.. Bukan apa, i was offered by my gynae if i were to ask her to perform it, since masa kat hospital lagi, and i thought to myself, why don't i just give Hessa a month, then only i proceed with it.. Back home, i did some homework on it, and did actually receive a lot of info about it.. Ada yang kata, it is not a must to perform it (for girls), and that it is not based on Islam at all.. So, i suggest for all mummies to really understand about the whole thing, do a lot of homework and maybe ask those Ustaz2 for their advice, and choose the best.. :)

2. Vaginal bleeding : Yup, Hessa's second day at home gave mummy a heart attack! Hahaha.. I was so worried and kelam kabut masa nak tukarkan diaper Hessa.. The minute i saw blood stains on her diaper, i was really shocked sebab i thought ada internal bleeding or something.. Nauzubillah.. Takut sesangat.. Cepat2 rushed tanya my mom about it.. Being a moter of 10 girls, hehehe, my mom told me to stay calm as benda tuh memang normal.. Still, i macam panick gak sebab blood stains like 2-3 kali sehari.. Mak aiii.. :) I did my homework, and came across it.. So, don't panick mummies, it is normal okay? In the newborn period, it is not unusual for a baby girl to have a slight vaginal discharge, which may have a little blood in it. But, this discharge resolves within a matter of days to weeks. And it is true that this discharge is due to the fact that the baby still has some of her mom's hormones in her, and therefore causes a vaginal discharge.

NO panick2 yer mummies.. Hehehe.. Been there.. :) I hope this info helps! :))


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