Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Princess Hessa's nursery- wall- decor project.. Here it is! :)

Hello everyone..

Remember the project i did for baby Hessa? Yup, the alphabets wall decor.. :)

To Nisha, Peah and others, this is the final look of Princess Hessa's nursery project.. The one i did for her during my 8 months pregnancy.. :)

Since you guys did mention about it, now i shall upload the final look here.. :) Actually, you can do a whole lot more.. There are so many cute stuff that you can put together to make the wall decor to be much more inetersting.. And as for me, i like it this way.. Simple and sweet! :)

So, for those who feel like coming up with such project for your kids rooms, do let me know.. Nak gak tengok hasil kreativiti mummy2 kat luar tuh.. :) Sharing is caring! :)

p/s: Now, i just can't wait for Hessa untuk membesar bagai johan plak.. Hehehe.. I am looking forward to do a lot of stuff with them.. Both my Aidan and Hessa! My God, i am officially a mummy of 2! AllahuAkhbar! :) and Alhamdulillah.. :))

The final look :

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