Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our pantang days at Opah's.. We sure miss our home too.. :)

Some updates on you, my Aidan.. :)

Being the one and only was awesome! And now, being a brother of a little 'flower', Hessa is DOUBLE, TRIPPLE AWESOME! :) At least, that's what i see from my observation now.. Aidan macam tau jer Hessa is 'ours' and that he treated her nice, sebab selalu jer nak kiss2 baby, and even calls her adik, 'baby', sometimes 'Cha', and when he is in his mood, he would call her, 'Teta' as in Hessa.. :)

At first, to be frank with you, i was a little bit worried, sebab i had no idea how Aidan would react with this whole thing.. Being the one and only, and now kena plak share daddy and mummy with another 'friend' and that now, apa2 pun kena consider both kiddos.. I thought he would be like so jealous, and that he would cry for attentions! Tapi Alhamdulillah, TAK! Aidan memang currently nak attach jer ngan daddy, but that's not because dah ada additional family member, just that Aidan skang suka ikut daddy pegi sana sini, and to imagine yang daddy akan tinggalkan dia, he would for sure jadi clingy sket.. :)

And what a surprise, right after he got the title 'brother', my Aidan dah macam budak besar, and understand most of apa mummy cakap kat dia, and i feel sebak sangat2.. My goodness, my baby is now a big brother, and he acted just like one.. Being all 'lovey dovey' towards his sister, and sometimes dah pandai nak main 'chak2' with Hessa, and smiling all the way, walaupun mummy kata Hessa tak pandai lagi main 'chak2'.. :) But to look at all his effort to be part of the whole thing, rasa happy sangat.. :)

Okie dokie, some updates on my Aidan :

1. Aidan dah ada new look! Hahaha.. Kenal Maddox?? Brangelina?? Yes, my Aidan is now 'Maddox'.. The cousins ( the boys ) loving the look, but as for me, i wanted it to be different, and some changes need to be made, i guess.. Hehehe.. But the not so great thing is that, i missed his first hair cut okay?? I wasn't there, but daddy did snap few pics for me to see.. Wait for the entry!

2. Aidan just love to dance and that his fav song now is 'If you're happy and you know it!' and he would clap his hands, stomp his feet and say 'Hooray!'.. :)

3. Aidan can now shake his head as a sign of 'no', and nod for 'yes'.. He prefers to use sign languages sambil say 'no' and 'nak'.. So for me, he knows exactly how to express what he wants now.. :)

4. Words dah makin banyak Aidan sebut, and most of them not that clear, but once in a while, he would surprise you with new words.. So, as for mummy, i always looking foward for new words for him, like everyday! :) - new kelakar words : adoi! alamak!aaaaauuuuu (if sakit) :P

5. Aidan just love to brush his teeth.. I had no trouble of making it his pattern.. Alhamdulillah, Aidan able to cope with it since i introduced him with tooth brush, at 1 year and only few months old!.. :) He would ask to brush his teeth, everytime mummy ask him 'Show mummy your teeth'.. He would point at his teeth, and tarik tangan mummy pegi toilet, as a sign nak gosok gigi.. :)

6. Love long shower!

7. Able to listen to instructions, like reciting doa before makan and what not.. He would raise his hands, and say Amin.. :)

So far, ini jer dulu yang mummy ingat.. Alhamdulillah Aidan, mummy is so proud of you and to see your progress, mummy happy sangat2.. Love you, baby mummy! Mmmuax!

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