Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Something for her room.. DIY project! :)

Okay, lama dah mummy tak update on our DIY projects, sebab lately nih quite bz with house chores, pregnancy, Aidan and his classes, weekend plans itu ini, and macam2 lagi.. Yer, kalah Menteri kalau nak ikutkan my schedule.. Kalau kata rehat di rumah pun, biasalah for us yang bekerja, weekend lah masa nak really concentrate on the house chores and what not.. That's another definition of 'relax' di rumah, hehehe, at least for me.. :P

But, it doesn't stop me to have my own sweet time, or 'me' time sebab i would for sure curik2 gak masa or a slot for me to come up with something yang i suka, or do something that i love the most.. Dah lama dok plan itu ini for my baby's room.. Both babies.. Hehehe.. But, concentration now adalah pada H's room sebab biasalah, the 3 of us are so excited to welcome our new family member.. :) Aidan pun, siap smalam dok layan jer kiss this flower decor that i selit kat baby cot H, and so sweet to see how he appreciate what i did for H's room.. Macam dia tau jer, yang the room is for his adik, or at least someone special to us.. :)

And yes, this DIY project i buat sebab i wanted to create something yang very sentimental for my baby.. Yup, i ada promote jual on this thing like months before, sebab my sis Sha who is currently in US, is ready to accept any orders from all of you, yang mana suka sangat with such decor.. I am talking about the 'alphabet decor' thingy.. :) But, for those yang nak buat sendiri, especially you Nisha, hehehe, she did mention about this DIY project, and asked me to show how to do it.. Yes, this entry is for you.. :) But bear in mind, my DIY projects are cost saving, so the materials yang i guna is actually very cheap, and sometimes not that quality pun, but, if you gonna put it up at somewhere yang the kids susah nak tarik and what not, i think my material is actually good enough.. Again, depends on what you want.. :)

Okie dokie, for my project, i spent less than RM 10.. :) Actually nih pun dah termasuk ngan new glue, and a cutter.. Hehehe.. :) Ok lah kan??

What you need :

1. Colored polysterine ( if possible, amik yang tak terlalu tebal, and choose the color yang really popped!)

2. Glue

3. Scissor

4. Cutter

5. Printed alphabets with your chosen fonts.. :) I chose CURLZ MT! So cute! :)

How to do it :

1. Print the alphabets (in our case, i printed my baby H's name.. so tak nak reveal now, i will only snap the alphabet 'H' only.. :))

2. Paste it on the back of the colored polysterine, and the alphabets also kena terbalikkan, so that bila u potong the alphabets, alpahabets tuh akan face the right direction bila tengok pada permukaaan yang berwarna.. Got me?? Mmmm.. Okay, camnih.. :)

3. Start potong2.. But bear in mind, the font yang i pilih is quite tricky, and parts yang curve2 tuh senang patah or rosak.. BUT, bila tengok balik, i kinda like the result.. Bagi nampak macam old school sket, so i just let it be.. For those yang perfectionist, you might want to cover the parts with some glitters, or any decor yang u wish.. :)

4. Tadaaaaaa.. :) Now you have your own 'alphabet decor' for your kid's room.. :) So cute right??

I already pasted H's name decor in her room.. So chick, with 2 birds bertenggek on her name.. Hehehe.. Love it, love it! I shall upload the pic later when H arrives kay?? :) Hehehe.. I just can't wait! :D

Good luck Nisha, and for those yang interested to try.. Remember, you don't have to spend so much for their rooms to look good! Just be creative about it.. :) LOVE2!!

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